How to Quote from a Text in Your Essay

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hi guys okay for this session of

flipping the classroom I'm going to

teach you how to quote from a text in

your essay as you write your essays for

your novels you are going to be expected

to use evidence from the text to support

your thinking we've talked about this a

lot during discussion but now you need

to be able to do it in writing and that

means that sometimes you're going to

have to quote something from the text to

use as evidence in your writing and I

want to make sure that you know how to

do that so one of the questions you

might have is what do I have to cite you

need to cite any words or ideas or

phrases that are not your own if they're

not your own words you have to give

credit to the author who wrote them and

what we're going to focus on today is

any time that you use a direct quotation