How to Use EndNote in 5 Minutes: Windows

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How to Use EndNote in 5 Minutes

This video will give you a fast start on using EndNote.

It will show you—

1. Two ways to import a reference from an online database, using PubMed as an example.

2. How to create a custom group and add references to it.

3. How to use Find Full Text to download PDFs for references.

4. How to insert a reference in a Word document.

5. How to format a bibliography, using the APA style as an example.

6. How to add page numbers to a citation.

The first method of importing is Online Search.

In EndNote, click the Online Search Mode button.

Select the online database you want to search.

There are thousands more available, these are just popular ones.

Build your search.

Click the Search button to perform the search.

Click the OK button.

Select the references you want from the list.

Click the Copy to Local Library button.

Click the Local Library Mode button to see the contents of your EndNote library.

The references you just copied are shown in the temporary Copied References group.

To create a permanent group for your references,