How to Cite Films in Works Cited MLA Style 8th edition updated

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okay in this video I'm gonna show you

how to cite films in your work cited

page in MLA format in the updated eighth

edition that came out in 2016 for MLA

alright so the first thing we've got in

each citation here that you see is the

director or the primary artist that

you're referring to

MLA gives you some flexibility a lot of

times the primary artist is going to be

the director but it can also be the

writer or depending on the topic of your

paper it could also be the star of the

film so you just need to use your

judgement who is the primary artist in

the context in which I'm using this film

in my paper in this case I've used the

directors here after you have the

primary artist you are going to have the

film title notice that the film title is

in italics and notice that it concludes