How to Cite a Motion Picture in APA Format

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in this video I'm going to walk you

through how to cite a motion picture in

APA format I'm going to start out at

IMDb comm this website will give me most

of the information that I need for my

citation and I'm going to use the

Godfather as my example so I'm going to

type that into the search box and click

on the correct title here and that will

take me to the Godfather's page which

has a lot of information about the movie

the first element that the citation

requires is the producer to find this

information I'm going to click on see

full cast and crew right here on IMDB

producers are listed after the actors

and there is usually more than one

producer listed but you want to put the

name of the primary contributor or the

main producer for the Godfather Albert s

Reddy is the producer as you can see