Webinar— How to Quote Profitably & Efficiently (sponsored by Annex Business Media)

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hey there Sandra Houston from profit for

contractors with this week's trading tip

do you ever ask yourself how can other

contractors quote solo and get away with

it or how is it possible even when I put

20 or 30 or more points on the job that

my bank

you know doesn't show this if you can

relate to this you're not alone the

reality is that the major causes this

starts with how you quote the job and

it's a problem for 95% of contractors

out there you know how much should I add

to my clothes to ensure I'm making a

profit and how do I adjust my pricing

that when sales go up and down I can

still be competitive and still be

profitable first that to know what marks

in the quote he needs to understand how

to include his overhead the second

principle he needed to understand the