APA Style Guide Formatting II: Reference list, Appendices, and Table & Figures

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In this video, we will go over the following information about formatting your paper in APA:

reference list, appendices, tables, and figures.

Please note, all information mentioned is based

on the 6th edition of the APA style guide.

The references are a list of all of the works

consulted in your research.

Your reference list should be started on a new page.

The word “References” should appear in uppercase

and lowercase letters, centered.

All entries should be double-spaced.

The list should use the hanging indent format,

meaning that the first line of each reference

is aligned with the left margin

and subsequent lines are indented

using the “special” hanging indent function.

Arrange entries in alphabetical order

by the surname of the first author

followed by the initials of the author’s given name.

Appendices contain material that supplements the paper’s content,

but that would be distracting

or inappropriate in the body of the essay or article.