Getting a Legal Fee Quote for a Property Purchase

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somebody approaches me to buy a property and they're looking for a

quotation I always ask them how much are they spending and some people ask me straight out

why are you asking that question because the same work is involved whether I'm

buying a house for 200 grand or for 2 million

and some people may think that question but don't actually ask it - it is true

that the work involved in buying one house versus another house as between

prices say 200 grand and a million it's probably the same so the work may well

be the same but what's different is the potential liability for professional

negligence claim so there's an insurance of professional negligence

insurance possibility possible to claim and clearly if something goes wrong

while acting in a purchase or 200 thousand euro house and there was a claim

against my professional indemnity insurance that's bad enough

but and it will have knock-on consequences obviously on my insurance

for the following year and I have to report it to the insurer but if the claim

is to do with a 2 million euro house for example that's a different magnitude of value

and in that situation I'm going to have probably a much bigger difficulty in

terms of insurance the following year and I'm going to have a knock-on

consequence of an increased premium perhaps significantly increased so when

you ask me how much what's your fee for the purchase of a house and I ask what's

the value of the house the reason I'm asking is not because the work is

necessarily different but because if it goes wrong the potential claim from an