How to Quote Landscaping Jobs - Property Walk

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hey what's up guys Keaton I quote with

me real quick sidenote

we just put in like 70 hours and six

days not too bad I haven't slept at all

days so I get home it's Saturday right

now and a customer calls me says hey we

got a quote for you I'm at all I got to

do it tomorrow or Monday no go do the

quote no matter how tired you are and

lock that job down and it turns out to

be kind of a jackpot and I'll show you

why it's ripping out an entire

landscaping ripping out all contents of

all garden buds all shrubs trees

everything throwing it in this big red

dumpster behind me they want it all

thrown in the dumpster okay perfect well

I know that their real estate people and

they want the best cash view so this is

a $3,000 job all day ain't going no

lower in 2500 and I'll tell you why