Dictionary Definitions Citing both In Text and Works Cited Page

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alright Panthers many lesson for today

is how to cite both in text and on your

work cited page dictionary definitions

is primarily for the freshmen for their

argument of definition paper because

they have to have a definition in there

but it might be helpful for other people

when you have a dictionary definition

you must cite it both in text and in the

works cited page if you do not then you

are plagiarizing and you're going to get

in trouble and you're going to get a

zero because that's the rule at Pomona

you have to cite and so our tendency by

what we've done in the past is to go so

I've gone to the merriam-webster

dictionary because I just like that one

and we're going to cut click up here and

we're going to copy the URL and then

we're going to go back to our document

and I've taught you in the past to go to