Research Papers : How Do You Cite a Dictionary in APA Format?

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well dictionaries are usually not

written by just one person so citing a

dictionary in APA format right away we

can leave off author just leave that

part off altogether and we start

directly with the word we've looked up

that's the title of the article that

we're using then in accordance with the

rest of APA format we have the date the

year of publication the title of the

dictionary the Edition and the city

where was published and the publisher we

need to clarify the city where it was

published only if there's a point of

confusion or if it's not a city that's

really well-known for example there is a

well known reference publisher in

Englewood Cliffs people who aren't from

the New York area probably won't know

that Englewood Cliffs is in New Jersey

so you would put in the MJ to clarify