How to Price Handyman and Contractor Jobs

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what's going on guys it's Travis with

handy dandy Dalton just doing a quick

video I had a couple people ask me how

do i price my jobs and how do i estimate

do my estimates and things like that

pretty much does the back end stuff so

the way it works with doing an estimate

a client will call me tell me something

like oh I need a drywall repair or

something similar and then I have to go

take a look at it and then figure out

how much to charge the client so that

it's fair for them and fair for me so I

did write down a couple things that I do

your state City Penal Code whatever she

could be different you could require

more paperwork or less paperwork or

whatever but this is kind of gonna be a

basic overview I'm not an accountant or

lawyer or anything this is not legal

advice this is just telling you how I do