Psychopath Test - Take This Quiz Yourself

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Have you ever wondered if you might be a psychopath?

It’s thought that about one percent of the population might test positive for psychopathy,

so that might mean some of you could find out today if you are a one in a hundred.

We are sure you’ll tell us how you did at the end.

We won’t go through everything here as to the genesis of psychopathy but will tell you

that there is something called a Psychopathy Checklist.

Mental health professionals might use this as a test, a psychopathy test.

That’s what we’ll use today as the basis for our questions.

We should say not to get worried if you don’t like the score you get, because to really

understand how your mind works, you have to consult with a professional.

This is not meant to support a diagnosis and is just a quiz.

We’ll tell you what the scores mean at the end.

You can score the test as follows.

0 = this does not apply to me at all.

1 = this applies to me somewhat.

2 = this definitely applies to me.

Keep track of your score.

You might need to type the numbers or write them down.


Do you exhibit glib and superficial charm?

If you don’t know what glib means, it could be described as being able to talk smoothly