The COOLEST App Ever!? | Quiz Your Friends "How Well Do People Now You?"

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hey what's going on guys and welcome

back to another video and if you do

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let's get into today's video so today I

am going to be showing you an awesome

app I think it's just really cool to use

and really fun to use also so yeah let's

get in to showing you this app so

basically it is called quiz friends and

it's actually called quiz your friends

it just shows up as quiz friends right

here this app as you can see the one I

am moving around right now this is the

app I'm talking about you want to

download it from the App Store it's

really fun to use and basically you can

just go to make a quiz or take a quiz

there's a bunch of options but for make

a quiz basically you can just make a

bunch of quizzes you can just basically

make a quiz about anything so let's see

you can make it about something random

you know how about just about me so it

can be really anything I think it's most

fun when you make one about yourself

because then you get to see how well

people know you but yeah this is what

you do you add you put in your name and

what you want your quiz to be about and

then you can put in your own questions

and type in answers and put which one is

right and then give your quiz to friends

so here let's just have something random

let's see I don't know um let's see what

should i type in favorite game let's

just put favorite game I'm gonna put

Madden 17 mad and mobile 17 there we go

madam Oh Wilson oh my gosh why did I

type mobile again madam Oh

hole 17 that sounds so stupid if they

called it that I would never play Madden

um let's put call of duty black ops how

should we put this just like that yeah

call duty black ops 2 and then we'll put

what's another game minecraft so

basically you just do this and then on

the side over here you can make you can

say which one is correct let's just mad

at mobile 17 there we go

we'll say that's correct then you can

just go on to the next question and when

you're done you hit this button right

here that says no more questions and

yeah then it'll end unless you have 10

questions then it just automatically

ends and I just think this is really

cool basically I have two quizzes well

I've actually made three but I messed up

on one of them and accidentally deleted

it but I've made to Andrews quiz here

and it's just a little quiz about me

basically some of my friends and family

have taken it three people got a hundred

percent you know it's just basically

seeing how well people know you and then

I also have this one called Andrew

gaming and it's basically a quiz about

me gaming and just gaming in general and

then you know I also have the one

question that is not gaming at all and

it asks who my least favorite person on

earth is and of course it you know the

right answer is Jacob Sartorius I mean

not not to be mean to Jakob Sartorius

but yeah basically to me to be mean to

Jakob Sartorius because I absolutely

hate him but yeah

alright guys so yeah that's basically

this app it's really fun to use I just

thought I'd show it with you I I know a

lot of you probably know this app

already but I just thought it'd be cool

for you guys to see this app and if you

don't have it already it's really fun to

get and I definitely recommend it if you

go over to take a quiz here's just a

bunch of quizzes about famous things

basically and there's always the quiz of

the day the one that got the best rated

from people that have done it so yeah

that's basically this app quiz your

friends and it's really awesome I

recommend you get it and that's about it

for this video so hopefully enjoyed like

I'm subscribe be sure to hit that like

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likes on this video and that's about it

for this video so hopefully enjoyed I

already said this what why am I saying

this again let's just just goodbye guys

I'll see you next time