Educandy Tutorial - Create Customized Educational Games

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in this video I'm going to show you how

to use ng candy to create some simple

educational games and fun activities for

students to play so here I am on edge

ooh candy calm and I simply go here in

the upper right where it says sign in

and I click now if this is your first

time using edgy candy at this point you

would need to click this register button

and create your free edge acanti account

so here you would just set up your

account prove that you're not a robot by

clicking this button and then register

for an account give me a minute to sign

into my account and then I'll resume the

video now when you first register for

edgy candy after you've put in your user

name and email address it's going to

send you an email and so you'll have to

check your email and find the email from

edgy candy and then click the link to

verify your account once you click the

link in the verification email it lets

you pick your password and then it asks

you to log into your new account but

once you've done all that and signed

into your account it should take you to

a page that looks something like this

it's recommending that I create a list

of either words matching pairs or quiz

questions and of course eventually

you'll want to do all three of these

once you create those lists they'll be

added here as activities so let's do a

couple of examples let's start with

words a list of words so I just clicked

on words and the first thing it wants is

just a name for this particular activity

and I like to think of the activity name

as not being the name of the game or

activity itself but of the list of words

so what words are gonna be on the screen


how about Spanish foods next your

activity subject I'll put it in Spanish

and notice that it recognized that as a

school subject so I just click on

Spanish and then I click create and it

takes me to a screen where I create my

list of words I'll just click here where

it says add word and I'll type in a

Spanish food I'll click add word and

it's added to the list over here on the

right I'll add another one and so it

does take a little while to create a

list in

my opinion though it's totally worth it

just by me creating this list my

students will be able to play all sorts

of games utilizing this list of words

that I'm generating give me a minute to

finish creating my word list and then

I'll resume the video okay I think

that's a good list so now that I'm done

with the list if I browse down the page

you can see that it displays for me a

few games that can be played with the

list that I've just created also notice

that there is a handy button to delete

your vocabulary list if you've changed

your mind and you don't want it there's

also a duplicate activity if you want to

create a second list that's similar but

a little different I'm just gonna come

down here and show you a couple of these

games there's the classic word search

that a lot of us as teachers have

decided isn't really that useful and

educational and I agree with that

assessment but it can be helpful with

spelling and word recognition so there

is some good that can come out of it but

as far as word searches go I find this

to be kind of fun so there's platano

right there I just clicked and dragged

to demonstrate that I knew where the

word was and it was accepted here's

another one and another one here if you

get one wrong it's like what what are

you talking about up there at the top if

you click this button here it resets

back to a blank game and notice that

there is also a full screen option which

is really great especially if you want

to use this as a whole class activity

and have the entire class looking up at

the screen trying to find the words so

that's the word search that's kind of

fun I'm gonna click back and I'll zoom

in again so you can see that better but

there's also a hangman game and also an

anagrams game and both of these are

really pretty fun instead of the

traditional hangman this activity is a

little bit more positive I guess I'll go

fullscreen on this and just like hangman

you're guessing letters when you guess

them correctly they appear here and when

you get them wrong the candy bar gets

gradually eaten until the game is over

jumping back let me quickly show you the

anagrams very similar also a lot of fun

so you're probably noticing a lot of

these games yes they could be played as

a whole class activity but most of them

can also be played individually one

student on a device playing the activity

I'm gonna jump back to my activities

this time and you can also get there by

clicking this button if you make a

matching pairs vocabulary list Spanish

infinitive verbs for example you

actually get a different list of games

that you can play so I'm adding a pair

this time South daya means to jump so

I'll add that pair and it appears here

on the right

pablor means to talk or to speak give me

a minute to add a few more infinitive

verbs and I'll show you what you can do

with these kinds of questions alright

now that I'm done with this list you'll

notice I can browse down the page and

there's a whole variety of activities to

go with a matching pairs list

multiple-choice quiz that doesn't seem

like much of a game or activity to me

it's just a quiz but this is kind of fun

knots and crosses this is basically

tic-tac-toe but what makes this stand

out to me from just a typical

tic-tac-toe game is in order to place

your X or your o onto the game board you

have to be able to answer a question

first so let's look at this choose a

play mode play against the computer or a

two-player game you can do it either way

I'm gonna click play against the

computer and I'll go fullscreen

I would really like to take this square

here so I need to know what Co matter

means in English it means to eat so I'll

click and drag and put that there now

I've got the X now it's the computers


the computer got babe air and now I can

move on I'd like to take this spot here

Dole Connor to touch so I can

click-and-drag put that there so you get

the idea but this makes tic-tac-toe

actually fun in my opinion and

worthwhile as a way to practice

educational content jumping back to

Spanish infinitive verbs we're not going

to take a look at every single activity

that you can do but you can see there's

a crossword puzzle activity there's a

matchup activity and memory going back

to my activities the final type of list

that you create is a quiz question list

so for this example I'm gonna do Spanish

animals the subject is Spanish I click

create and you just put in your question

the correct answer and some red herrings

some incorrect answers give me a minute

to create a few questions like this and

then I'll resume the video okay now that

I've set up a few questions you can see

that what you get is a multiple-choice

activity you can click play and the

activity begins you get a countdown and

I just need to get the right answer and

try to fill this up with confetti so yes

this is pretty much just a quiz but at

least there are some fun elements to it

there are fun images there's a timer and

things like that to make it kind of

interesting for the students okay so now

that I've generated all of these lists

and I've created activities and all

sorts of things what I can do is go back

to my activities list and browse down

the page and then I can select one that

I would like my students to play so the

Spanish infinitive verbs matching pairs

I would like them to be able to play

this we could play it all together as a

whole class activity all I have to do is

click play but what if I want them to

play this at home or on their own

devices at school I could click share

and all I have to do is tell the

students the code for this game so this

particular list the Spanish infinitive

verbs list has the code 3 4 4 2 so

anyone that goes to edgy candy comm and

puts in 3 4 4 2

we'll be able to play that vocabulary

list in a variety of ways we also have

two other options I can just copy this

URL this link that is specifically to

this exact list of words so I can just

copy that paste it onto my blog or

website or email it out to people and

anyone that goes to that link will be

able to play the game the third option

is exciting to me especially if I wanted

to use that tic-tac-toe game I could

copy this embed code and actually embed

that tic-tac-toe game right onto my

website or my learning management system

like blackboard canvas or Schoology or

some other LMS and that way the game

would be ready for us to play as a whole

class at any point whenever it's time to

play the game before I end the tutorial

I need to point out that it is possible

to export your questions and answers and

also to import questions and answers

from other systems from other tools that

you may have used where you have a

vocabulary list or a questions and

answers list also there are apps for the

students to use so students can download

the edge candy app from Microsoft Google

or Apple and for example they could play

your vocabulary lists on their iPads on

their Android devices on their iPhones

and their Microsoft devices they would

just need to put in the code that you

give them and they will have your

vocabulary list that they can play

thanks for watching this video I hope

you found it to be helpful if you did

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