Create a Quiz Game with Kahoot

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hi everybody today we're going to talk

about the online quiz game platform

Kahoot and how to create your own quiz

game these video clips are from the

Kahoot website but they really are

representative of how much students love

Kahoot and it's great for students of

all ages students use their own devices

to interact with a Kahoot and what

they're looking at is a screen with the

questions and options to answer this is

a an example of a Kahoot that i made

here then the students answer on their

own device the teacher or another

student can run the game and can narrate

what's happening and Kahoot in general

is just a great blended learning tool

because it provides an opportunity for

interaction discussion and just a lot of

fun in the classroom so let's go ahead

and talk about how you find or create a

Kahoot to use in your classroom we want

to go to create Kahoot it and up here by

clicking discover you can find kahoots

that other teachers have made so you

could just enter a term in the search

bar up here and for example electricity

and magnetism brings up a lot of results

here and you can click on them to find

out what the questions look like and

what the options look like and what

images teachers have chosen you can

either play that or you can choose some

options over here with the three dots

you can preview it or you can also

duplicate it if you would just like to

make a copy and make changes so let's go

ahead and create a brand-new Kahoot and

well click on quiz and for this

particular Kahoot let's call this

polygons and you're required to enter

the description I'll just enter a quiz

about polygons to keep it short and I'll

just keep this private and the audience

is for school now up here you can choose

from free images here I'll click on math

and see what I can find and this looks

like a good one for polygons here and

I'll say okay go and then it's time to

add our first question so the first

question I'm going to add is how many

sides does a hexagon have and then I

need to enter some options here at least


so I'll say three four five and six and

then we do need to indicate the correct

answer so the correct answer is six

there and then I'm just going to add the

same image there just to keep it

interesting you can look for other ones

and you can also add your own image down

here when you enter that question you

can either edit the question or

duplicate the question or delete it I'm

going to duplicate this because I'd like

a similar question here and for this one

I'm going to change hexagons here to

quadrilateral and then of course I need

to change the correct answer there and

look out because you can choose two

correct answers there but I want this

one to be four and then I'll duplicate

one more time and I'm going to call this

one how many sides does a Pentagon have

that can get my spelling right there and

then of course I need to go down and

change the correct answer one more time

I'll hit next and let's go ahead and

save this and take a look at what it

looks like you can do preview right over

here and that way

you can see both what the main screen

will look like and then also what a

student screen will look like and

students go to Kahoot dot it and they

enter a game pin that's the first thing

they'll see on the screen they enter the

game pin and then they need to enter a

nickname for themselves they can use

either their nickname or their real name

or a nickname and then you can start the

game using the main screen and it takes

a couple of seconds to fire up but then

they see the first question and then

they see the options there and they need

to enter the correct shape or color on

their device and they will get feedback

on how they did on that question and

then it just moves through the questions

there and I'm going to try putting in an

incorrect answer so you can see what

they see they get incorrect feedback and

then there is when there are a lot of

players there's

kind of a leaderboard and they can see

how they're doing individual students

can see how they're doing

what place they're in in the game and

then at the ends there's kind of a

podium there and you can see the results

and that's basically how Kahoot works

it's really fun

highly recommend it let me know if you

have any questions and thanks for