How To Cheat On Some Online Multiple Choice Tests

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hey guys what's up and as you can tell

from the title today I'm going to show

you how to arm leak I'm not going to say

cheat but Otis gee well how to get the

answer on online test day

they can't be like fill in the blank

they'd be like multiple choice or you

just have to select an answer that's in

a bubble alright let's get started for

one I don't go to school we just did

this activity or quiz during school well

you just got to highlight the question

and the answers just be safe I'm not

sure if you can highlight just an

individual and if you do it's still

probably will work but just highlight

all of it to be safe and click inspect

element you do right click then inspect

element as you can see I highlighted

this and click the inspect element and

this is practically what I highlighted