How to Create an Online Quiz in Under 5 Mins

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hi I'm deep and I'm here to help you

create your first quiz at ProProfs we

believe that software should make people

happy so you're going to find our quiz

tool is super easy to use real quick

ProProfs quiz maker lets you create

online quizzes and assessments configure

security and tons of settings and get

reports you can add images themes and

more and now sometimes it's easiest to

start with the end in mind so I wanted

to show you how great quizzes can look

in ProProfs here's a great example this

is a sales training quiz you can see

that this quiz has a background image

you can customize the background or

leave it white if you prefer this quiz

asks for first and last name you can

completely customize your quiz and

capture any information such as name

email phone and almost anything else you

want to know you can also add password

protection here here is the first

question in the quiz you can see that

you have the option of adding an image

for each question this is a multiple

choice style question we have multiple

question types including true and false

multiple choice checkbox essay matching

and more here you can see that when your

quiz taker chooses an answer they can

receive instant feedback once your quiz

take her as complete of your quiz they

will receive a certificate of completion

but you can customize with your own

branding they can also see information

about how they answered questions ready

to create your first quiz we have two

types of quiz styles one is a scored

quiz which has right or wrong answers

the other is what we like to call a

personality quiz which asked questions

that capture an opinion like what is

your favorite color and gives a result

at the end let's create a scored quiz we

have a library of ready-made quizzes

that you can copy edit as needed and use

right away for today I'm going to show

you how to create an online quiz from


it's super easy you just click on create

from scratch and you are immediately

taken to this page which shows you our

quiz maker editor the first thing you

can do is add information about your

quiz just add the name of your quiz here

and then you can change the media if you

like you can see that you can upload an

image use our library of images search

for an image or embed a link I'm going

to upload an image and now you just add

a quiz description here I can just type

something in or I can copy and paste

some text in here

all right so now we have our quiz

description see here on the left side

you can add questions we have six main

question types that you can choose from

and here you can access even more

question types and you can even import

questions from another quiz you created

or from an Excel spreadsheet I'm going

to add a multiple-choice question here

here you can upload an image or select

one from our library I'm going to use

this image great now let's add our first

question and now we can add our answer

options I just have three answers so I'm

going to delete this last choice

you can see that I have the option to

add an image for each answer to pick the

right answer I just select the button

next to it and I can add an explanation


I can make this a required question and

I'm ready to go

all right so now we can add another

question we are the world's most popular

quiz software and we have a pool of over

100,000 ready to use quiz questions you

can access them right here

here I found a good Twitter quiz and I

can add all of the questions from this

quiz or I can just pick and choose the

ones I want to add now those questions

are added to my quiz and I can edit them

if I want to

alright I'm going to add an image to

this question and there you go it's easy

to keep adding questions here we have

some quick settings that you can control

like how you want to score your quiz you

can set up whether you want questions

and answers shuffled and you can set up

how you want your quiz to appear here

let's take a look at some of the other

settings you can configure here you can

set up scoring how you want the results

to appear the order of the questions how

you want to present questions and set up

your completion certificate and

reporting here you can set up whether

you want your quiz to be public or

private and add a password you can also

select the information you want to

gather from your quiz takers here now we

can set up some basic branding for our

quiz just click on 'theme and here you

can change your theme colors background

fonts and more I'm just going to upload

my logo here and now let's just take a

quick preview of our quiz so you can see

what it looks like looks great once you

have finished your quiz you can easily

share it via email link on social media

or embed it directly on your website or

blog you can even set up a virtual

classroom where your learner's can log

in and see all pending and complete

quizzes get announcements and more when

you click reports you can easily see who

has taken your quiz when they took it

and how they did you can even see how

they answered each question

and your statistics can show you

information like how the group did

overall the hardest question easiest

question average time to complete and

more okay so that's a really quick way

to get started we're happy you joined

ProProfs and are here to help if you

need us we have live chat phone help and

a huge knowledge base bye for now