How to Create a Google Forms Quiz | Self Grading and Imports into Google Classroom

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hello there and welcome back to my

channel if you are new here my name is

Michelle furry and I'm a fourth grade

teacher in Maryland in today's video I'm

going to show you how to create a quiz

in Google Forms that will be graded

automatically and will allow you to

import the grades into Google classroom

in one click


so in order to start you do need to

create a new Google Forms and there's a

few different ways you can do that in

Google Drive you can click on new go

down to more and then select Google

Forms or in your browser you can type in

forms new which I will link for you in

the description box so you have a blank

form and we're going to start by

actually customizing the theme if you

click on the paint palette up at the top

it's going to open up your theme options

you can actually add a header image

which will go above where the title is

now I already created a header image

just in PowerPoint

I created a slide that was four inches

tall and 16 inches wide added some text

and added an image and saved it as a PNG

it's very simple to do but you can also

use an image that you just grabbed from

Google or you cannot have an image at

all but in order to add one you can

select choose image and then you can go

to upload and you can browse from the

documents on your computer so I'm gonna

choose my Google form header click open

and then once it uploads it's going to

ask you to kind of crop and choose what

area of the image you want mine is

already good to go so I'm gonna click on

done and that's going to add the header

up at the top above where my forum title

is once you add that header Google Forms

is going to pull colors from that image

but you don't have to use those colors

if you click on the plus sign you can

actually use a custom color I'm gonna

come over to kind of where the purpley

colors are and I'm just gonna choose

that one and I'm going to select add and

that's going to change the color of your

overall form you can also change the

background color which are different

shades of the main Google form color you

can also change the font style but I

typically leave mine at basic so I'm now

going to X out and I'm going to go ahead

and give my form a title I'm going to

create an example quiz that would be

used for a math check for understanding

or exit ticket but you can do this with

any subject area I'm going to title my

form just multiplication if you want you

can add a form description but you don't

have to now at any

if you want to see what the form will

look like when students are taking it

you can click up on the I icon which is

actually preview and it will open up the

form and show you what it will look like

now in order to make this Google form

into a quiz we need to go to the

settings so we're gonna click on the

gear icon and this will open up three

different categories of settings general

presentation and quizzes in general you

can choose to have it collect email

addresses I usually have that selected

you can also choose if you want people

to be sent a response receipt but I

typically don't worry about that if you

want to use this with your Google

classroom and allow it to import the

grades into Google classrooms you do

need to limit to one response if you

want students to take the quiz multiple

times that's fine but it's not going to

allow you to directly import scores into

your Google classroom so that's a choice

you have to make you can also choose if

you want respondents to be able to edit

after submit or see a summary chart and

text responses I typically don't select

those moving over to presentation you

can choose if you want it to show a

progress bar if this is going to be a

longer quiz that's typically helpful for

students you can also choose if you want

it to shuffle question order which would

have students getting the questions in

different orders but I typically don't

select either of those you also can

choose a confirmation message so when

students finish taking the quiz this is

what will appear so you could say

something like great job on this quiz be

sure to check on Google classroom for

your great now this is the most

important part I'm going to come over to

quizzes and I'm going to select make

this a quiz again I have several options

that I can choose I can release the

grade immediately after submission so if

it is mostly multiple-choice true/false

type questions this is a great option

because then students can get their

feedback right away however if you are

going to include paragraph type

responses that have to be manually

graded then you would have to select

later upon manual review but for

this example I'm just going to be using

multiple choice and true/false type

questions so I can leave the release

grade out immediately and then you can

choose whether respondents can see miss

questions correct answers and/or point

values once you are done getting the

settings you want you can select same

now because I am using my personal

Google account you will notice that it

added in this area for email address and

it made it a required question however

when I use this on my school account it

automatically collects my students email

addresses I do not have to worry about

them and turn it themselves it's

automatically doing that because they

are signed in now I'm ready to start

adding questions so in order to keep

this easy we're just gonna do some basic

multiple choice so to start I could do

what is three times four now I'm going

to go ahead and add in there multiple

choice options so I'm gonna have 7 10 12

and 15 now because this is a quiz and I

want it to automatically grade I do need

to come down to the answer key this is

going to allow me to show which answer

choice is correct and assign point

values so I'm going to select well since

that is the correct answer and I'm gonna

make this one just one point I can

either type it in or use the arrows and

if I want to I can add answer feedback

that is not required but if you want to

provide students with feedback after

they answer you can do that once you are

done click done let's add in a

true/false type question now before I go

on to the next question I do want to

make sure that I make this question

required so that students have to answer

it now to make things easier I can

actually click on this duplicate button

and it will automatically duplicate all

the settings that I just had so I could

create another multiple-choice question

like what is 6 times 7 and again I want

to put in my answer choices so let's do

13 42 45 and

six so in order to change the correct

answer I'm going to go back to the

answer key and this time I'm going to

select 42 and I'm going to unselect 45

and click done now I can also create

other types of questions so for example

if I click add question I'm going to

make this one a checkbox and I'm going

to make it a true/false so I'm going to

do true or false 2 times 10 is 12 and it

will actually give suggestions so I can

click at all to automatically make them

true or false I'm going to go to my

answer key and I'm going to select false

I'm going to make this one one point and

click done and I'm going to make it

required now you can also add images to

questions so I'm going to click add

question and I'm going to select the

image button and I'm going to upload a

file from my computer I have an array

image so I'm going to open this and this

is going to add the image into the

question so now I can say what

multiplication equation is represented

by this array now I can add in my answer

choices so I could do 4 times 3 equals

12 4 times 8 equals 32 4 times 5 equals

20 4 times 4 equals 16 I'm going to

select my answer key select the correct

answer change this to one point and

click done you will notice after you

start adding questions up at the top the

total points will automatically change

so again I'm going to make this one

required now you can continue this

process and make as many questions as

you want I do want to show you just

another thing that you could consider

adding in I'm going to click on add

question but this time I'm going to

select file upload now this works really

really well if students are completing

math work where they need to show their

work students could actually take a

picture of their work and then upload it

so you can see they're thinking this

isn't required obviously but it is an

option for you

so I'm going to select continue and then

here I might tie

submit a picture of your work now I can

choose to only allow certain file types

so for example I could choose only image

or maybe PDF but you may keep it open to

all of those options for your students

you can also select how many file

students can be able to upload so you

could do one five or ten I might do five

because my students might show their

work on a separate piece of paper for

each question you can also choose the

maximum file size keep in mind these

files are going to be stored in your

Google Drive I might make it 100

megabytes and then finally you can

choose how much you want this form to be

able to accept so as students start

adding in their files they're saved in

your Google Drive and you might want to

limit that space so if you want to

change it you can just click change and

then you can select one gigabyte 10

gigabytes 100 gigabytes or a terabyte

now if you wanted to you can assign

points to this question so under insert

key you could choose how many points you

want it to be however this would require

you to manually go in and grade it so

you could also just leave it at 0 and

you can choose whether you want it to be

required or not now I'm going to show

you what this would look like from the

student point of view so I can go to

preview mode and it's going to open up

the form so I can clearly see the

questions here it communicates how many

points each one is worth and then at the

end they can submit so I'm going to go

ahead and share this out on Google

classroom now in Google Forms I can go

to sent and then I can click on the link

and I can actually copy and paste this

link however I actually suggest doing it

a different way if you're sharing

through Google classroom I suggest going

to the create button choosing assignment

and I could put multiplication check for

understanding I can add instructions if

needed and then I'm going to add in that

form I'm going to click on add and

going to select Google Drive and then

this is the quiz I just created so I'm

going to click it and then click Add and

this automatically adds it to that

assignment I do want to change the point

value to match however many points the

quizzes so for this one it was 4 so I'm

going to put in 4 and then I can add a

due date and a topic if I want and I'm

going to click assign now once your

students have taken the quiz you can

click on the assignment and then click

on View assignment this is going to show

you student work now because I'm using

my personal Google account and not my

school account it does look a little bit

different I'm going to insert a small

screen recording of my school account so

you can see where the import grades

button is because I'm using my personal

account I don't have that option but

once you click that button it's going to

automatically import their grades and it

is a huge time saver now because I don't

have that option on my end I can go in

and grade Billy's quiz that I made him

tank and in order to view his responses

I can actually go back to the forum and

I can click on responses at the top this

will allow me to see a summary or I

could view it by question or I can do it

by individual and I can even export a

spreadsheet if I click on this Google

sheets icon right up here this is going

to create a new spreadsheet in order for

me to view the responses so I can click

on create and this is going to

automatically save in my Google Drive so

now I can see the scores I made him take

it twice and I also took it myself but

I'm now able to see the answers to all

of the questions so I could tell he got

100% so I'm going to enter that score on

Google classroom so in Google classroom

I'm just going to click type in 4 if I

want I can add a private comment and

then once I am done grading I can return

it to the students or if you have it set

automatically they can view their grade

as soon as they're done now there's one

last thing that I do

to show you so I'm gonna go back to my

Google Drive so you can see I have the

Google Form quiz it created I have the

spreadsheet of responses and then I have

this folder this has all of those images

that were uploaded so if I click I can

see the images that were uploaded now I

recommend moving all three of these

files so the folder the quiz and the

spreadsheet all into a single folder

personally I've actually created an

e-learning folder for this time and then

I have a folder for every subject and I

would move those into the correct

subject so that is it for creating a

quiz in Google Forms that will

automatically grade itself and allow you

to import grades into Google classroom I

hope this video was helpful for you if

it was please give it a thumbs up share

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