How to access newsela and take the quiz

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okay so this is how to access newsela

and this is the way you'll do it every


so you'll always have a title that'll

tell you that it's about Manzella so

right here it says newsela it'll tell

you that's what it is for the assignment

and it'll always give you a picture of

what the article is gonna look like

along with the title of the article so

it says read drones enter the world of

sports click the picture to go to this

site when you click this picture it's

gonna take you to newsela ok so now you

get the hand that means you can click it

and it's gonna open up to newsela and

here it's going to ask for your username

and then your password your username is

gonna be your alpha so we keep it the

same all the time this way it's simple

and nobody gets confused so for mine let

me put my alpha in there's my alpha and

then of course your password is your

eight digit date of birth so then you're

gonna sign in you should say remember

your password I won't do it because

it'll remember this student but you're

gonna remember the password that way the

next time you log in it goes right there

here is where you're gonna go to

assignment now you have these other

choices which is the library if you want

to look at different articles and this

is mainly up-to-date news ok um excuse

me the library is gonna have older

articles sorry I apologize I was looking

at just news and then here you'll have

your news so these are text sets and you

can you know you're more than welcome to

move around in here but for the

assignments you're gonna go to binder

and then you'll click assignment once

you've clicked that it's gonna give you

progress on how you've been doing so

it's gonna tell you your Lexile which is

your reading level so after you read as

you progress you'll see it'll

raph it increasing your average quiz

score so let's say you get three out of

four you're gonna have a 75% or if you

get four out of four it's a hundred

percent or if you only get two out of

four that's fifty percent and then the

number of quizzes you've taken and then

here you can see there's the Lexile so

here I have assigned different articles

to be read but you have to pick the one

that I want you to read so for news ala

day two its drones into the world of

sports so that will be the one you're

going to click it and then it's gonna

open up the article for you and here

again there are instructions read the


take the quiz okay you can like it if

you want and you could share it say with

somebody that you thought might enjoy

you're gonna read this whole thing okay

and see once you get done you can take

the quiz alright