How to Use the NEW Quiz Sticker for Instagram Stories

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want to see how well your friends know

you or put their trivia skills to the

test there's a new feature for Instagram

stories that will let you do just that

I'm Jessica from tech boomers calm and

in this video I'll be showing you how to

use the new quiz sticker for Instagram

stories now let's get started

to begin open Instagram and start making

an Instagram story post as you normally

would you can snap a new photo or video

or upload one from your device

then top the sticker icon at the top

select the quiz sticker

type in the question you want to ask or

tap the dice below to get a random


then add some answers for your followers

to choose from in the boxes below

top the answer that is correct

change the color of the sticker by

tapping the rainbow circle at the top

then tap Done

drag the sticker to move it around and

pinch with two fingers to adjust the

size when you're happy with how it looks

tap your story to post it

when your followers watch your story

they can tap the answer they think is

correct if they get it right

confetti will appear on their screen

you can see who has participated and

what their answers were by tapping the

scene by icon in the bottom left corner

this will only be visible to you the

person that posted the quiz that's all

it takes to use the new quiz sticker for

Instagram stories

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