Creating Quizzes in Google Classroom

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in this Google classroom video we will

look at how to create a quiz for your

students in Google classroom so here I

am in my classroom account and I will

just click here on the classwork tab to

create a new quiz when I click create a

pop-up appears and I have to go down and

choose quiz assignment now upon clicking

that Google automatically creates a

Google Form

to go with this quiz and by default it's

just calling it blank quiz but inside of

Google classroom what do I want to call

this quiz I want to call this Spanish

colors review quiz next I can click to

put in some instructions or like in this

case you can just put a message there

for your students to see I could attach

something from my Google Drive simply by

clicking this button and choosing Google

Drive and doing a search let's say for

something related to colors here's a

handout that I have in my Google Drive

and I can click Add and now when my

students take this quiz they'll be able

to see this file as basically a resource

for them during the quiz now it's

possible to change this so that not only

can they see the file but they can also

edit it you can also arrange it so that

there's a copy for each student so that

they can type on that copy and turn it

in as part of their quiz so those are

some exciting options and again you get

that just by clicking add and choosing

something from your Google Drive it's

also possible to link to something for

example here's a Spanish game to help

people practice the colors I can copy

this URL go back to Google classroom and

paste in the link and click Add link

another option I have is to add an

attachment from my computer and I also

have an option to click to include a

youtube video so here's a YouTube video

that teaches the colors in Spanish I

could paste in the URL for that video do

a search there it is I click on it and

click Add and now my students will be

able to see this YouTube video however

if I really want this to be a quiz to

see how well they know these things I


we shouldn't include the answers in the

form of a video or a game or a document

but I just want you to see that it is

possible to provide those resources to

your students as question prompts or

perhaps to activate their background

knowledge in preparation for the quiz in

addition to the things that you can add

or attach you can also create something

from scratch so I could create a

document a slideshow Google sheets

spreadsheet a drawing or a form to go

with this quiz instead though I'm just

gonna click here on blank quiz and it's

gonna take me to Google Forms now Google

Forms is a completely separate tool you

can use Google Forms to create surveys

and all sorts of wonderful things but

this particular Google Form was created

from within Google classroom and it is

tied directly to this quiz assignment

that I'm creating I'm gonna click back

to the tab where my blank quiz is and

I'm gonna rename this it's not gonna be

a blank quiz now it's gonna be Spanish

color's quiz I could add a description

if I want to and then go down to create

my first question so there's my first

question what color is snow typically

and I'll click to put in option number

one I tap enter or return on the

keyboard to get option number two tap

enter to get option number three and

enter to get option number four now by

default when I created this question

Google classroom made it a multiple

choice question but that's not required

you can click to change it to these

other options and we'll look at a few of

these later on in the video now that

I've created the question and some

answers it's very important to come down

here to answer key and click to select

the correct answer so Blanco typically

snow is white so that's the correct

answer and I can determine how many

points it's worth in many cases you'll

have everything worth one point or ten

points or whatever your system is but if

you want to you could say to yourself

okay this question is a little bit

harder than average maybe it's worth two

points or maybe it's worth three points

so you can weight the questions based on

how hard they are or how easy they

also notice it is possible to mark two

answers as correct or three so you can

have more than one possible correct

answer down below if I want to I can add

some answer feedback so for the

incorrect answers I could say something

like no lo siento which means no I'm

sorry you can also provide a video if

you want for the incorrect answers and

maybe a link now this could be very

powerful you could use this as an

opportunity to teach your students even

more yes they got the answer wrong but

it can still be a teaching and learning


what about correct answers I could click

here to give some feedback for the

correct answers and click Save so now my

question is set up I've marked which one

is the correct answer

I've made this question worth a certain

number of points and I have some

feedback for my students the feedback is

optional but I think in many cases it's

a great idea and a good opportunity so

I'll click done and that question is

finished before I move on to the next

question though I might want to consider

making it a required question the

students will basically be forced to

answer this question they can't leave it

blank also notice these three dots to

the right of the required option it is

possible to go to a different section of

the quiz based on the answer that the

students give so if they answer

incorrectly maybe it takes them to an

easier question next but if they answer

correctly maybe it takes them to a

harder set of questions so that can get

pretty complicated very quickly but if

you want to experiment with it it's a

great powerful option you can also

choose to shuffle the option order if I

click that button then the answers that

are presented to the students should be

shuffled for each student I'm gonna

click away to create my next question to

add my second question I can just click

here on the plus sign I get another

question this time I'm gonna click to

change it to short answer and I'll click

to type the question type the Spanish

word for blue in this case I don't

provide any possible answers for the

students they'll just have to type it in

as best they can I can however still put

in an

answer key so I can click to add a

correct answer just like with

multiple-choice questions it is possible

that there could be two correct answers

so if you want to you can click to add a

second possible correct answer again

it's worth a certain number of points

you decide how many points down below I

can tell Google classroom to mark all

other answers besides this one or any

others that I specify as incorrect

answers again answer feedback is a great

idea and when you're done click done

let's look at a few other options we

have we have paragraph answers very

similar to short answer questions but

this time it can be a lot longer ask the

students to describe in one or two

paragraphs their answer for the

preceding question we also have

checkboxes this is a great option

similar to multiple choice but I could

do something like this

which of these are Spanish colors option

one tap enter to get option two and

three and four in the answer key because

it's a checkbox I can mark all of the

answers that are correct and the

students when they take this quiz it

will be a little bit harder than the

multiple choice question the multiple

choice question the students can only

give one answer if there are two answers

that are correct either one will give

them full points but with checkboxes if

they answer correctly but they don't get

all of the correct answers then they'll

lose some points again I should provide

a certain number of points for this

particular question and then click done

let's look at another kind of question

in Google classroom quizzes we have a

drop-down list where the students can

choose from a drop-down list what the

correct answer is what else we also have

a file upload you can upload a file for

them to look at and do something with

below that we have options for linear

scale multiple choice grid and also

checkbox grid and these are pretty much

what you would expect the linear scale

is a hard one to think of an example

with Spanish colors but let's say

something like this just a survey

question at the end how well do you know

your Spanish colors from 1 to 10 here it

says 1 to 5 so I'll need to change that

scale to 1/2

and notice that that is as high as you

can go but I could label one as not well

at all an option number 10 as very well

I could make it required but when I go

to the answer key

maybe I don't make it worth any points

at all click done and adding another

question let's take a quick look at

multiple choice grid this is similar in

many ways to a matching question I'm

gonna click add question again to give

you a quick view of checkbox grids when

I click on that it's very similar to

multiple choice grids but in this case

the students would have to click the

checkboxes in addition to these various

types of questions that I can add to my

Google classroom quiz I can also import

questions from other forms that I've

created and used I could select a form

and then pick the specific questions to

import I can also add titles so yes I

already have a title and a description

but if I want to I could add some more

text here or here anywhere throughout

the quiz I can click to add another

title and another description now in

this case it came in in the wrong place

I didn't want it there I can simply

click on these handles here and drag the

description and the title down to where

I want it to be I'm gonna delete that I

can also add images so maybe here toward

the top it would be nice to add an image

you can upload it or use all of these

other methods to get your image but in

many cases a simple google image search

is the best I'll just do a search for

colors maybe that picture there so I

click on it I click insert and now I'll

have a picture at the top I can label it

if I want to so that can add some nice

color and imagery to your quizzes

underneath that there's also an option

to add a video but this video is going

to be embedded right there with the

questions you can also choose if you

want to divide up your questions by

section so I could separate these

initial questions from the rest by

clicking add section I can title that

section and go from there

I've decided I don't really want

sections so I'm going to click here and

choose merge with above and that

effectively gets rid of that second

section all right so this is looking


just a couple less things you need to

know if you're gonna be using Google

classroom quizzes one of those things

that you really should know is there's a

great time-saver here hidden at the

bottom of each question and that is

duplicate if you're going to create a

series of multiple choice questions that

follow a similar format why not to

create the first and then click

duplicate to create the next question so

here with the duplicate I could just go

in and change some of the answers I

could then go in and adjust the answer

key so now with the new copied question

adjusted I can click done and I've just

saved myself quite a bit of time rather

than having to recreate the structure of

the question just duplicate it and then

adjust the duplicate okay let's assume

that this quiz is finished it's ready

for my students to take the quiz once

they take the quiz I will be able to see

their responses here by clicking on

responses also their grades should

populate into Google classroom before I

go back to Google classroom though I

want to point out that you can also

customize a theme for this quiz I could

change the color or I could choose an

image to be the theme

there are several work and school images

that you can use as themes there's also

lots of other options as well or you can

upload your own I'll just pick this one

looks very colorful I click insert and

I'll X out of the theme options and go

back to my questions and you can see

that by customizing the theme it really

gives the quiz a little bit of flair now

I can preview the quiz to see what the

students will experience when they take

it they'll be able to select the answers

enter the short answers here's a

drop-down list there's the scale from 1

to 10 I didn't really complete my

matching activities or check box

activities but that's basically what it

will be like for my students to take the

quiz I can X out of that now and leave

and now I can X out of the quiz itself

so now back in my

assignment you can see that it's

refreshed and now it has the title of

the quiz and I can even see a preview of

the theme that I chose and all of that

now you may not see this right away you

might have to close out of the quiz and

then come back into the quiz to see

those updates or you might need to click

refresh but eventually the quiz that you

edit in Google Forms will be updated in

your quiz assignment before I actually

click assign I'm gonna go over here and

make sure that I've selected the right

class maybe it's for two different

classes do I want all students to take

the quiz or a subset of those students

or specific students if I had actual

students in this class I could change

that up but by default it's just set to

all students here I can set the total

amount of points for the quiz yes I've

assigned point totals for each question

but overall how many points are

available in this quiz maybe fifty I can

set the due date maybe I'll make it due

at the end of the month and the time

that it's due I can put that in

optionally if I want to I could assign

it to a specific topic or create a topic

to put it with in my case I don't need

to do that and if I want to I can even

put in a rubric at this point if I want

my students to access the quiz right

away I can click assign and the students

will see the assignment in their streams

immediately or the other option would be

to schedule this quiz assignment I could

say that this will be available for my

students to take next Friday at 8 a.m. I

click schedule and you can see it's

greyed out it's not activated quite yet

it's scheduled for the future just so

you can see the difference I'm going to

change that so that it's assigned

immediately and there now it shows that

this quiz is activated and ready for the

students to take it I can see how many

people have turned it in at any point

and as long as I've set up a grade

system I'll be able to go into grades

and see the scores that the students are

earning thanks for watching I hope you

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