Creating a Quiz in Canvas Instructure

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all right today we're gonna look at how

to create quizzes in canvas we're going

to look at three different kinds of

questions that you can add into a quiz

in canvas so let's begin I'm going to

add my quiz right here from the from the

module view and I add it into this week

two under the drop-down menu select quiz

select new quiz and then I'm going to

name it if you have groups of

assignments which you can create up in

the assignments tabs you can select that

I have one called tests and quizzes I'm

going to add the item there's a created

quiz obviously no content in it yet and

I'm now going to click on the quiz and

then click on edit in this first page

here is where most of the selections for

different parts of the quiz would happen

up here at the top is where under the

details is where you would put your main