Creating a Quiz in Quizizz

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in this video I'm going to show you how

easy it is to make a quiz in quiz is

I've already gone ahead and gone to quiz

is calm and I'm going to need to select

login if you already have an account go

ahead and enter in your username and

password otherwise click sign up fill in

this short form then enter your username

and password and login once you log in

you'll be at your quiz is dashboard to

create a new quiz you'll either click

create your own quiz or click create

you'll need to enter some quiz info a

cover image is optional you'll need to

name your quiz decide your language and

mark your quiz either public or private

public means it goes into the searchable

quizzes database and anybody can access

it private means it's only accessible to

you now you're ready to add your

questions you'll add your questions and

answer choices over here on the left

you'll see the question preview over

here on the right you need to have at

least two answer choices but you can

have up to four you also need to mark

which answer is correct note that you

can have more than one correct answer

also notice that you can add an image to

go along with your quiz you can also set

the time the time limit is the number of

seconds or minutes that the students

have to answer the question by default

it sets to 30 seconds but you can see I

can set it up anywhere up to 15 minutes

so these longer time links down here are

great if you're having groups of

students collaborate on questions before

they put in the answer and they need

time to do that or you can absolutely do

a math quiz in quiz is and give them

longer a longer time limit to answer the

question so they can work out the

problem before they put in the answer

I'm going to leave this set to 30

seconds but speaking of math quizzes you

absolutely can use quizzes to do a math

quiz you'll notice this option here the

insert symbol option if you pull that up

look at all of these different symbols

that you can use to create math

questions what a great option in quiz is

when you're ready you're going to go

ahead and click new question to add

another question don't

to adjust the time limit if you need to

and select the correct answer when

you're done adding your questions you'll

need to click finish you'll need to

specify the approximate grade level that

this quiz is good for by clicking and

dragging on the sliders you'll need to

select the subject as well as the topic

and you can also enter some search tags

that people can use when they're

searching for to locate this particular

quiz go ahead and click finish and

create quiz you'll be taken to your quiz

where you will be given the option to

play it live or assign it as homework

you can duplicate this quiz you can edit

this quiz and you can delete this quiz

notice that you also have options for

sharing this quiz either by a link or

social media if you scroll down further

you will see your quiz all of the

questions in it the number of time the

number the time limit for each question

you can also toggle the answers on and

off when you're done you can go to my

quiz is to see all of the quizzes that

you have created that belonging to you

in your account and you can also click

my reports this shows you the quizzes

that you have completed and will allow

you to view the report for those that

quiz so if you didn't have time to view

the quiz after it was completed notice

note that your quizzes will be stored in

my reports and you can go back and view

the results at a later time so that's

how easy it is to create a quiz in