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guys hear me out I know we have another

quiz in a while we've been covered the

NBA Finals

I think we're now let's go we are back

we are back we are back we were working

the NBA Finals which which took the

majority of our time cuz we do have real

jobs outside of just making these videos

so we appreciate your patience in

between in between season two and three

oh look got some new socks to prove it

okay guys never entered the room with a

pair of shoes on bugs here we are first

quiz of the season as the people watched

our changes to the quiz video would now

- new rule changes will be implemented

in this quiz the first one there's now a

lifeline now the lifeline does not kick

in until you're past the bonus round oh

go on

what kind of lifeline well every quiz

the lifeline will change this time

around it's multiple choice

if you select use your lifeline I will

give you multiple options this time

around what does that mean for the bonus

it's still the same thing yes you in the

incredibly small Florida Panthers jersey

so basically is this just to make the


for Jessie just have to see I have to

get past the bonus round to use the

lifeline the second rule change you're

really not gonna like this one there is

now a punishment for being the first

person out that's fine because Sam's in

this quiz right elitist rule making

closer Minh you're in vertical a sermon

now you won't find out what that

punishment is until that person appears

in a quiz again I didn't even agree to

this when I walked in you just said hey

do you want to be in a quiz today all

right so you guys clearly know why

you're here today we're doing a quiz but

do you know what the quiz is on uh

smallest jerseys you win today's quiz

topic will be the 2018-2019 NHL season

Wow okay that makes sense consider this

almost like a yearbook or like a time

capsule I think I've picked out some of

the best moments the best highlights

would have made them into ten questions

for today's quiz so even if you don't

know the answer hey you might learn

something I guess I have to watch the

rest of the quiz once I get eliminated

that is harsh you almost forgot is we

also introduced a new belt yes we have a

new belts as season two's champion you

walk into season three with this I gotta

be a champion that shows up every quiz

can't have any flu cos I gotta do my

best for the people you gotta wear

wrestling shirts where they knock off

other brands how much copyright law is

avoided in wrestling pro wrestling fees

doesn't do alright so as always there's

ten questions we also have that bonus

around the middle and it's a one strike

system so that further ado let's get

this started

you ready yeah question number one what

a bunch of jerks us I'm a jerk

uncalled for sorry mommy I don't work

not you guys you guys entered oh yeah

the cast the Carolina Hurricanes stirred

up controversy with their exuberant

postgame team celebrations what do they

call their celebration storm sir the

storm surge the storm surge the storm

surge me know here and I gotta go to our


this was meant to be a softball Sam

you're slow playing this no no I'm not

it's got to be a dumb pun or something

like that if it's that easy

oh my god I actually don't know yes

who's getting punished hold on hold on I

hate this so much

I don't know like the Sam yeah I don't

know oh my

I have nothing he's doing again guys

he's not at once he's taking the mic off

okay I I will be punished in the next

quiz but who knows if this quiz will be

my last Sam it was the sort it was the

storm surge is arable name get out after

they called it storm surge it's a bunch

of jerks oh it was sick I don't know all

right let's move on to question two

and what was their debut season this NHL

star transcended the game of hockey

appearing on both SNL and on The Tonight

Show becoming a pop cultural hit in the

process who am I talking about

and there was their work your season in

their game your season

oh just Lou cannot know oh oh oh oh no


okay okay so you're trying to trick me

off the back question number two hope

and I screw up well you know what not

today mr. Z because you know who you're

talking to the mascot power rancor

himself gritty gritty that was our dad

bond an ascot no not Patrick maroon I'm

talking about gritty it means it 3t Oh

player you know it's not a coach if you

look back there was a moment I was like

oh god Wyatt like was Jordan Bennington

I can answer that for you no no it was

not I care too much personality

pretty exciting hockey I look nervous no

because your answer whoa too much just a

great press conference for him time

Person of the Year gritty is the goat oh

I'm so scared okay question three in the

third season of a cushy seven-year deal

wait hey sorry you can't here's that

work I can't use

that's a weird word man that's like

moist oh my god sound she grow up and I

don't even mean literally and whatever


anyways as I was saying in the third

season of a cushy seven-year deal this

Ford went 41 games without scoring a

goal went 41 games without scoring a

goal whoever this person was sucks Lucci


the big man who's head of Edmonton

probably very certain smile on the cheek

oh it's between two players now the

people that we made fun of a lot for not

scoring goals were Patrick line a at one

point and Milan Lucic

but line a doesn't have a contract I'm

going with Lucci I know but do you like

the thumb leaks doubtful he did oh boy

we shredded that yeah Lucci just not

great tough but fair not gonna argue

with you all right question for all

right question for Henry clunked fist

proved that even Kings cry as the

Swedish legend shed a tear at the

deadline when his Rangers teammate was

dealt who what was traded in what team

were they traded to ah this one broke my

heart too because a lot of people say I

look like him

the Norwegian God man they call the

zookie Rangers fans I love Henrik

Lundqvist and he was so sad to see Mats

Zuccarello go to dallas math Zuccarello

went over to the doll stars

it was Mats Zuccarello he was traded to

Christians Dallas Stars Mats Zuccarello

trade it to the stars you don't want to

see Henrik crying it's tough good friend

I'm sorry man that guy's just been an

absolute horse for that team honestly

even though he's in the central kind of

hope to see Matt stick with the stars I

like them there you look good in green

let's see if this next question looks

good on you

question 5 that was essentially what one

NFL superstar basically said when he

stated that with six months training he

could probably crack an NHL roster which

NFL er made this bold claim by the way

players were so pissed when this

happened I mean

it's not possible he said that he's ever

skated before I don't even know when I

almost left my reflexes just snappy this

is my favorite thing that I know we've

already shouted that I'm leaving if

there's a Sun League and he has his line

at night he goes he's Jalen Ramsey and

net and he's just standing there person

that said it is the guy was like the

biggest mouth in football Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey let's get that guy in the

bar down in office it's a hockey gear I

want to take you on top the midis with

you chill and you're gonna whip my butt

I remember the story oh I don't remember

the name though so I'm just gonna take a

loss on this one well at least you're

not the first person have oh thank you

Sam bonus round before we continue on

with this quiz hey why not give us a

like why not get us back on the trending

page we appreciate everything thank you

no we don't enjoy and appreciate the

bonus round

screw you bonus room


yeah those meme accounts really rip on

you at the bonus round let's see how you

do use the bar down Katie I know score

chicken and there's course them create

videos keep them up you know this works

30 seconds right when I'm done reading

the question you guys supply me with the

answer here it comes

in the 2018-19 season six players

managed to score 100 points or more

named five Connor McDavid I'm Connor

McDavid Connor McDavid Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby Sidney Crosby a Patrick

Kane patty came the on dries head Oh

Leon draisaitl Brad Marchand I was going

to say Johnny Gaudreau but I don't think

he did Nikita Kuchar of Nikita Kuchar

off Nicky Baku truck for just need one

more oh man I don't know what it is with

the bonus rounds it's not him by the row

going 99 and so did Brad Marchand Brad

Marchand got 100 did not idiots so you

got a bonus and you're gonna have your


it's been activated lifeline the

lifeline whew am I gonna use it on six

seems likely trap card here we come the

trap card Yugi Kaiba here it is question

six it's been nearly 40 years since a

player both led the league in penalty

minutes and scored 30 goals or more but

in the 2018-19 season

one did it who was it someone's probably

about to use their lifeline aren't they

why fine yeah give me the line here it

is here's your options Brad Marchand

Evander Kane max domi Tom Wilson Evander

Kane Evander commander Ken final answer

it was a low amount for penalty minutes

today he had like 150 something exactly

yeah I'm pretty sure I'm probably Tom

Wilson's up there if he hadn't missed as

many games as he probably would have had

the lead probably have more money too


in case you're wondering Tiger Williams

back in 1980 has the last person to do

it you don't get people who lead the

league in penalty minutes and the

scoring 30 goals all that often you now

have no lifeline and no bonus all right

question 7 crossing the finish line less

than a second behind Conor McQueen's

McDavid this female hockey star became

one of the first women to compete in the

NHL all-star skills competition Kendall

coin Scofield Kendall coin I don't know

come on don't say I don't know sake

someone Hilary Knight that is incorrect

Jessie and he's already taking is my


I'm cruising she was lying out there in

the skills comp I'd only have one since

December you should see my apartment

it's up in shambles it's so messy it's

like I'm a lost soul because I haven't

wanted bar down quiz it's insane there's

like pasta sauce on the walls III don't

even clean my toilet in like maybe I

guess more than four months now get that

mic out of your face you sound like a

helicopter pilot it is in shambles stuff

all the walls are in shambles

we're done here we're done here yeah so

you automatically have an assist in the

last two questions Wow

question eight here it is - the Tampa

Bay Lightning every team that John

Tavares met with in free agency went on

to go farther in the playoffs

then the team eventually chose the Maple

Leafs it's proved to me - but hey when

we cut the laughter little your buddy

you're worse than that long

Island loser snake pyjama boy

anyways the rest of this question yeah

so which four teams went further than

the Leafs in the playoffs and more teams

that John Tavares met with in free

agency so I know one of them is the San

Jose Sharks that beat my Colorado

Avalanche San Jose

I guess the Islanders count because like

he met with them too so New York

Islanders the Islanders st. Louis Blues

who eventually went on to win the

Stanley Cup that was another one mister

smug looks like you just lost a bonus

who were the other two teams the Stars

and the Bruins yeah Bruins and stars

yeah I'm too live lines for the final

thing yeah I mean you're you only need

one says oh so I'm at final boss no

matter what pretty much cuz the the

bonus just makes you skip you can get

you can get this wrong and you're

probably will cuz it's hard your bonus

is gone yeah and so is your lifeline yep

question 9 here it is before the st.

Louis Blues miraculous mid-season

turnaround two of their players made

headlines when they had a Full Tilt's in


can you name both players involved in

the fight

damnit I can name one of them I don't

know the second robert poort Sousa its

Robert for twos oh and I don't know the

second I think the other guy was just

like a relevant player I hope this

person is out watching the cool one of

the rudest things to call somebody


thanks skip bayless yeah hate to see it


I wrote the post on this and I posted

the video on Instagram and it crushed I

don't know like I'm gonna guess Joel

Edmondson it's between like maroon and

Sun Quist for me but like I don't think

it's either one of those players I'm

gonna go with Sun quest sure why not he

seems like a guy them I want to fight

him practice and you seem like a guy who

needs to get the hell out of this room

it wasn't it was Zach Sanford cool he

scored in the clinching game I'm pretty

sure for them I didn't even use my

lifeline you made it in here anyways I

know but I could have at least been like

perfect you'll be back home don't worry

I know I know it's a sad moment it's

always a sad moment when a grown man is

talking to an inanimate object you don't

have to cry okay here it is the final

boss oh I might rip my Jersey look to

your left but you're right look down the

center it's time to play I just wanted

to fill your Dark Soul

okay here it is you know this works it's

incredibly hard that's it

the rest of this quiz fell too easy

sorry guys I'm gonna crank up the

difficulty a little bit next time around

but rest assured this last question it's


no one's getting it fully right but

let's see if you can try from worse to

first list what place each team in the

NHL finished in in the 2018-19 season

easy one off the top sentence so you got

one yeah you got one right the Kings

yeah I'm guessing that wasn't enough fun

like you know strangely enough it was

which is pathetic because that was 1 out

of 31 so no one else even made it there

yeah you're on your own here no one even

made it this far

Wow here we go starting the season off

right the new belt is yours winner's


I said I'm turning over a new leaf ok

I'm being nice and there's a reason I'm

wearing this Panthers jersey you already

said multiple people suck in this video

so I don't know this being nice is I

don't remember that Milan Lucic does so

does Zach Sanford who you called

irrelevant I mean am I wrong I mean I

don't care if you're right or wrong

you're just not nice new leaf whatever I

want to be nice to the Panthers fans

because it's Barkov isn't that's my

thing so what the hell bark I'm like

your fans don't go through enough and

then you go out and you win a trophy

both sportsmanship and you absolutely

shred them Shadid yeah at the beginning

your speech what was that one a Panthers

fans that was just rude of Barkov so

like if your team was good you'd be just

as good as fans of Tampa Bay everybody's

raving about them that's just cuz their

team's good so don't worry about it

maybe one time you'll actually make the

playoffs and then and then you'll be

good fans throwing rats on the ice yeah

and if you're not you'll be like Tampa

and probably just half split your team

or at least try to