Why we can't stop eating unhealthy foods

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so when you get up in the morning you

probably feel pretty free to choose what

you're going to do my guess is the first

thing you do is reach for one of these

my cell phone

it gives me continuous access to an

online all-you-can-eat buffet I can

enter a virtual gambling casino get

hooked on a little app or a game a shop

till I drop I got to be honest with you

I am one I cannot not look at this thing

when it pings with a new text message

and I am one of the 78% of Americans who

can't get up out of bed in the morning

without checking this thing first

sometimes I don't even notice I'm

reaching for it I just do it now here's

a product you probably don't have in

your pocket this is powdered alcohol I'm

not kidding

palcohol it's going to be out on the