Unlocking the Cure to Substance Use Disorder | Brad Finegood | TEDxUofW

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how many of you take public

transportation raise their hand raise

your hand when I first came to Seattle a

number of years ago I did not have a lot

of experience taking the boss

I have logistics phobia just sort of

like I have clicker phobia right now I

remember that first day on my way to


that poor bus driver sir will you please

let me know what when it's my stop sir

sir was that my stop sir sir please

please please stop the bus let me off on

one of those days the I got onto the bus

on my way home and the bus was filled

front to back with people standing there

and as I do on those days I just put my

headphones in ready to rock out I walked

to the back of the bus and lo and behold

there was an empty bench in the back

chi-ching I felt like I had hit the