Stop Drinking Without AA? - Can You Get Sober Without The 12 Steps?

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there and welcome this is Marcus and

Terry with you on this wonderful

Thursday here to talk to you about how

to get sober without a a is it possible

to get sober without going to a a doing

12 steps or worshipping some kind of God

of some sort of your own imagination or

however they word it so what we're gonna

do today is we're gonna get to the

nitty-gritty of what it takes to get

sober what the misconceptions are around

getting sober where AAA is good

some parts AAA might not be for you and

what we do to get sober because there's

a lot of you guys know I got sober

through rehab which was based on AAA and

then I continued my sobriety with things

that I did on my own Terry went to the

same rehab I went to and continued on

with the AAA portion so we think it's a

good balance where you could look at