Energy Drinks: Why Are They Sending So Many People to the ER?

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full-throttle Red Bull Rockstar Monster

5-hour energies pretty popular a rep it

is huge because it sociable energy

drinks super-sized grab and go ready and

turbocharged with caffeine they are the

fastest-growing beverage in the soft

drink industry I like to taste them but

also just feel more alert and focus

where I take them marketed as high

energy on-the-go performance-enhancing

beverages young adults and college

athletes mostly male have become the

biggest consumers a lot of guys drink

5-hour energy before games just for that

extra pump up that extra boost comes

from caffeine the most popular drug in

the world I love it

I'm not productive in the morning they

don't have coffee eight in ten Americans

consume caffeine every day Coffee is the

only type of caffeine I really need but