How To Drop The Pop - Tips on how to stop drinking soda pop

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hi dr. Matthew whiner coming to you from

commerce Michigan as many of you know

I'm a bariatric surgeon which means I

perform weight-loss surgery like gastric

bypass and sleeve gastrectomy and I also

help patients in my office lose weight

without surgery and today I'm going to

talk to you about how to drop the pop

and we discussed this quite a bit in my

book a pound of cure and I'm here to

give you a few tips in just a few

minutes that can help you break your

soda pop habit now I'm from the Midwest

and in the Midwest we call soda pop pop

over on the East Coast you may call it

soda it's quite a regional term but

whatever you call it it's important to

recognize that the full sugar variety

the not the diet versions but the the

regular versions of soda pop is a toxin

and we have to look at it as a toxin and