How to Stop Craving Soda : Heal the Body With Natural Remedies

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the Stasi lived from transformation

thrive and I'm gonna talk to you about

how to stop craving soda when you drink

soda the high-fructose corn syrup and

cane sugar spikes your blood sugar

really quickly and then insulin comes in

and moves it into your tissues and your

blood sugar plummets this leaves you

feeling fatigued and hungry and that's

when you crave another soda so in order

to stop craving soda you need to get off

the sugar roller coaster and deconstruct

your cravings so first of all when you

have a soda craving there's always some

kind of underlying emotional factor to

it pay attention to what's going on in

your life when you crave soda are you

stressed out at work or is there

something going on in your home life

well I suggest trying something else

such as talking to a sympathetic friend