5 EASY TIPS To Quit Drinking Alcohol ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

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“I only drink on weekends,” you’ve heard yourself say one too many times.

Then you recall the past two occasions when you met friends for “a” drink, and ended

up having ten.

If drinking has become an unhealthy habit, causing you to resemble Mike Tyson after his

ear-chewing moment, rather than a giggly drunk just passing time with her friends, then it’s

time to cut yourself off.

Here’s how:


Drink water and juice instead of booze when you go out.

Everybody wants to fit in socially, and drinking is a big part of that scene.

You can still “drink” with your friends.

Offer to be the designated driver, or tell them you need to get up really early.

Lie if you have to, but drink something besides an alcoholic beverage when you go out.


Alcohol consumption inhibits your absorption of B-vitamins.

These vitamins are responsible for just about every function in your body, but also combat

anxiety and depression.

Ironically, the more you drink, the more you’ll likely feel like drinking to ease your anxiousness

because you’ve depleted this vital nutrient.

Take a B-vitamin supplement and it will be easier to refuse the booze.