Quitting Smoking & Alcohol | How To Beat Cravings

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Hey everyone! So today I want to talk to you about cravings and how to beat them

basically this is going to be focused on my sobriety series, how to quit smoking

and how to quit drinking that kind of thing a couple couple a little over

three years ago I quit smoking cigarettes and I loved that I made that

decision I feel so much better now a little over a year ago I decided to quit

alcohol and again I feel pretty good if you guys would like to see more about my

journey and also mental health check out my main channel page because I have

several playlists and everything over there if you guys want to see more

videos about that but I wanted to make this video because I feel like this is

the most crucial thing that happens when someone decides that they want to quit

something if you want to quit a bad habit if you're wanting to quit

something overall for your health your mental health your physical health your

overall well-being I found for myself personally I guess that when I wasn't

able to ride the wave of craving something like if I wanted to smoke a

cigarette which I really don't need more I really don't like cigarettes

so that sounds weird even saying that but if I craved a drink I found that if

I really really really craved it and I wanted it it was so easy to slip back

into it and drink again and or smoke again and I just think that's the most

difficult obstacle alcohol is around us constantly it's constantly being shoved

in your face anytime you go out in public at all

alcohol is like glamorized into this thing that is oh if you don't do it