RAW INTERVIEW: A former cocaine addict describes how he got clean

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my story is similar to most everybody

else's I had normal family normal

upbringing but somewhere a certain sense

of inadequacy didn't fit in something

was just a little bit of skill and I

found other things that worked and made

me feel better about myself and

eventually I did too much of the same

things for too long and it caught up

with me there was no turning the clock

back and I knew that at that point I was

an alcoholic and an addict if I would

stop or if a jail or institution would

intervene as soon as I picked up again

it would be off to the races

as though nothing ever changed and after

some time I found Alcoholics Anonymous

and some years later I found cocaine

anonymous and that's where I found a

fellowship of individuals that thought

like I do that understood me and cocaine