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how to quit and dipping tobacco so I

realized the other day that I haven't

dipped tobacco in over five years and my

method to quit is something I haven't

seen anywhere else so I thought hey well

maybe this can help somebody so I'm

gonna kind of fill you in on my

experience first before we get started

just so you can know where I'm coming

from okay so I started dipping you know

when I was 16 and initially I was

dipping skull peach and thrown in a few

dips here and there and a few dips

became you know 3-4 dips a day 3 4 dips

a day became you know so on and so forth

and I eventually graduated to chewing a

can and a half a day of either skull

straight long cut or copenhagen straight

long cut and yeah so I was going through

about a log-log and a half a week and

when I first started dipping you know

it's the best thing in the world you

know you throw in a chaw when you're in

your car and you know it makes you feel

you know euphoric and relaxed and it

tastes good and you know it's like the

best thing in the world and then after

you dip for so many years you realize

that it actually isn't you know you're

actually dependent on it now you know it

makes you feel tired it makes you feel

controlled you know you don't really get

that same sense of enjoyment from

dipping anymore

it's more about just managing your

symptoms of not dipping and on top of

that your mouth gets really messed up

and then your health this takes a dive

and then you know you realize that's

time to quit and you know I tried to

quit I tried a bunch of different things

I tried to use fake chew like that

Jake's mint leaf and you know that [ __ ]

just made it even worse you know it's

like you're throwing in something it

doesn't taste like dip it feels like a

dip but it doesn't give you the effects

it doesn't taste like dip you know it's

just kind of more irritating than

anything you know maybe it could help

some people I'm not trying to shed light

on something that's supposed to be good

but anyways my point is I thought I

might never quit so my trick is one day

whenever you're ready to quit dipping on

your last can

I have your last can so like you know I

have a can and what I did is I threw in

my last step of the can I finished off

my last can and after that I was like I

am never gonna dip ever again and once

you make that decision just stick with

it but here's the real trick so the real

trick is to pretend that you're sick

with some awful version of the flu or

something like that so that's the trick

cuz you know you're addicted to the

nicotine you're not addicted to the

tobacco and I think that's the point

that everybody misses is they think it's

you know trying to quit dip and if you

don't think of it like that if you think

of it more as you know you're sick cuz

that's what you are you're actually sick

when you quit it's called nicotine

withdraw you're addicted to the nicotine

not the tobacco so what you can use is a

type of medicine called a nicotine gum

and that will kind of taper the effects

of nicotine withdrawal and it really

makes all the difference it really does

so one day you decide you're gonna quit

have your last throw away all debt

paraphernalia and then you're gonna have

some really really nasty symptoms I mean

worse than you could possibly imagine

and all you got to do is wake up every

day and tell yourself I have some awful

version of the flu and then on top of

that use nicotine gum use the highest

dosage you possibly can you know that

says it on the box without getting sick

or something like that follow of that

use the the 4 milligram instead of a 2

and that will really make all the

difference so I'm gonna go ahead and

bring a website up and I'm gonna show

you kind of what the common approach to

this is and why I think it doesn't

really work that well so we're at

Michigan you know Cancer Center and you

know this website does mean well which

is good but let's kind of talk about

some things here so quitting smoking

today is a lot like quitting smoking and

you know that's not true at all because

there's a

times more nicotine and dip than there

is smoking and people that dip a lot

throw in massive chars I'm talking like

a fourth of the can and stuff like that

which is like a whole pack of cigarettes

or two of nicotine so also when you dip

you dip in your car you dip at home you

dip at school at work everywhere when

you dip you dip everywhere so it's

really nothing like smoking at all and

then it has some other advice on here

which is I think is just really silly

you know it dis adds more irons in the

fire it makes more stress makes it

harder for people to quit and uh like

look look at this right here

stock up on other things to put in your

mouth like sunflower seeds carrots

cinnamon sticks like what in the world

you know that might be good but it's

really not gonna help with your problem

which is nicotine withdrawal and then

this is the one I really have a problem

with is change to a brand with less

nicotine and you smaller dips okay so if

you're throwing in dips that are a

quarter of the can how in the world like

if you throw in half of that it's just

not gonna be satisfying you know if

you're using less dips it's just gonna

just draw it out and just make you

really irritate it you know it's kind of

like when you're jumping into some cold

water starting from the shallow end and

gradually working your way until your

heads is submerged you know like that's

just miserable like why not just jump

right into the deep end and just embrace

it initially you know what I mean and

then some of this other stuff is pretty

good too like you know remove all your

cans and stuff like that but some of

this is really silly I mean keep a

journal and write down what time a day

is it and how bad is your craving and

that's total nonsense

this is not reality this is all you know

academia bullcrap so I would definitely

prepare yourself for the worst though

I'm gonna go ahead and show you this

website another thing one to say is do

not use you know chant

or something like that use nicotine gum

it works really well it's very expensive

but it works really really well I've

tried other things they don't work okay

so the first symptom that you're most

definitely gonna have very severely is

you can't sleep and you're gonna have

trouble sleeping for months I mean

months so get prepared to not sleep very

well because it's gonna be a challenge

you're gonna go to work everyday tired

or school it's gonna take a while but

just prepare yourself for it just tell

yourself you have the flu okay the brain

fog you're dizzy you can't think

straight your head hurts yeah all those

more so than you can imagine I mean it's

literally gonna feel as if you can't

even think straight

okay and all you gotta say is I have the

flu I'm sick all you got to keep telling

yourself as I'm sick this will pass and

a head aches most certainly sore throat

I didn't really have that like stress

yeah for sure you're definitely gonna

feel a lot more stressed a lot more and

that's why the gum really takes that

edge off it makes a big difference if

you didn't have the gum at all I mean

you'd have severe anxiety but that's why

you have the gum so instead of having

severe anxiety you just have you know

mild stress but you're still gonna feel

very sick and not sleep and stuff like

that so yeah all this is true a hot

flashes and you know it's little

dramatized but you know at the same time

it's gonna be very severe especially the

sleep and brain fog part okay and I just

want to tell you when I did quit dipping

you know I I thought you know I'm always

gonna go back you know might quit for

six months and just go back so why even

bother quitting and I'll tell you when

you've been dipping for a few years and

you're dipping a can and a half a day or

whatever when you finally do quit your

life will be better you will have more

energy you will sleep better you will


or alert you know just everything

everything in your life is improved

you're not controlled you feel more

relaxed and calm naturally so when your

life improves that drastically you're

never gonna want to go back to dipping I

mean when I quit I was miserable for

months I mean I was having dreams of

throwing in dips for months and after I

got through that I was like I was so

happy I felt so good

you know I'm like I'm never gonna throw

in a dip again I don't even think about

it anymore

and here I was someone who thought I

could never ever in a million years give

up dip my family never thought I could

and I did and you just got to do it and

if you follow my technique of everyday

just I have the flu I have the flu I

have the flu just get in that mindset

that you have the flu and it's gonna

pass pretend like you're actually sick

and you that nicotine gum is your

medicine pretend that and treat yourself

like a patient cuz that's what you are

you're a withdraw patient okay and one

more thing before I close up this video

close out the video is I want to show

you this website right here so it's

called kill the can org and this has

some good stuff on here and I mean this

website they mean all the best in the

world and I think this is good but um

smokeless alternatives this didn't work

for me my work for sent me you but I

kind of just want to talk about this a

little bit and more so get your opinion

on it you know if you guys have ever

tried this I'm really curious to see

what other people think of this stuff

cuz this stuff didn't do anything for me

I've tried

Jake's Mint true and back off this one

you know I mean this is pretty much

ground-up coffee grounds and you know

like some of these have like caffeine in

them to like kind of give you a caffeine

rush but you know it's just kind of

silly to me I don't see anything like

this really making a difference to be


because you know you throw in some Jakes

mint chew and you were gonna be


I mean miserable with withdraws this

doesn't help with withdraws what's gonna

help better is the nicotine gum and I

don't recommend patches either they just

don't work that well but not very strong

and they're just really inconvenient and

I just they don't work that good so

alright guys well that's all I got for

this video if you want please give me a

like leave me a comment and let me know

what you think share the video with your

friends if you think it might help them

and have a great day good luck