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how to quit and dipping tobacco so I

realized the other day that I haven't

dipped tobacco in over five years and my

method to quit is something I haven't

seen anywhere else so I thought hey well

maybe this can help somebody so I'm

gonna kind of fill you in on my

experience first before we get started

just so you can know where I'm coming

from okay so I started dipping you know

when I was 16 and initially I was

dipping skull peach and thrown in a few

dips here and there and a few dips

became you know 3-4 dips a day 3 4 dips

a day became you know so on and so forth

and I eventually graduated to chewing a

can and a half a day of either skull

straight long cut or copenhagen straight

long cut and yeah so I was going through

about a log-log and a half a week and

when I first started dipping you know