How to Quit Chewing Tobacco on 'The Doctors'

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we actually have Gruenbaum burns on the

phone he wants to send you a very

important message when GRU was only 17

he actually developed mouth cancer after

only four years of chewing tobacco he's

actually had his lower jaw half his

tongue as well as some of his neck

muscles removed and I want everyone to

listen to Gruen carefully if you're at

home and you use tobacco and you in

particular Scott his story is so

powerful growing can you hear us yes I

hear you

so you have the floor shot man I tell

you what so many times I could face to

face with people like you it's not

happening man for those it's really not

that big of a deal and I was diagnosed

with cancer at a very young age from

this product

I mean it's proven it's known that I was

diagnosed because of this product and I

try to really make people understand

that this is the best tobacco but he

goes on hard look at that picture and

realize that I salute your on face to

face with every time you put a dip in

your lip and too often people say that

it's about only affects the person using

it that's a load of crap

you offend everybody who loves you hey

look at your two kids alright next time

you go put a zip in your lip and you say

hey y'all want to be their grandpa or

going by some very because of this

stupid addiction I have you're a lot

smarter man than that little bit he can

ruin you you could not have put any

better and thank you for being so brave

and for shedding light on this very

important subject best of luck to you

man thank here's the thing you're on the

show for a reason today you want to make

today not tomorrow today your quit date

right yes are you willing to make today

your quit date absolutely you're telling

everyone here in this audience everyone

the millions of people watching you're

no longer gonna use tobacco I'm gonna


we're gonna help and for anyone at home

trying to quit the American Cancer

Society recommends certain things to

help you get over the addiction starting

with nicotine replacement products true

because that's so important I mean

nicotine is such a powerful addiction

getting through that initially can be

very tough but there's some good

products that you can use and it'll

Scott you mentioned in the video that

you're you really like that oral

fixation and you know there's some much

healthier things you can put in there

even you know shredded jerky seeds like

pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds

Stassi Oh nuts you know carry a pack of

these around and it'll make a big

difference there's the addiction which

you absolutely know about to the

nicotine but then again there's that

oral fixation so gum is something that

will also help these are the non tobacco

snuff products that are totally benign

but they have the same taste you like

peppermint right so we're actually going

to send you home with all of these

things in a gift basket including the

peppermint so that you have something

for the oral fixation but more

importantly we've actually made an

appointment next week and it's at the

grave sure Medical Group six minutes

from your house and they specialize in

getting people over the hump so they can

quit their habit once and for all

thank you