How to Break a Diet Soda Addiction

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hi friends sarah here with the holy mess

and faithful finish lines

and in this video i am going to walk you

through the steps of how to give

up a diet soda addiction

are you addicted to diet soda well for


and years of my life i was seriously


i loved my diet coke i had diet coke

every single day

and it had to be out of the bottle not a

can unless it was from a fountain

fountain was my favorite

and then if i couldn't get a fountain

drink like from the gas station or

mcdonald's mcdonald's was my favorite

fast food don't ask me why but their

diet coke tastes better

then um then i would have a bottle and

if i had to i'd have it out of a can and

if i really had to i'd have it out of a

two liter but that wasn't my favorite at


and i love diet dr pepper and i would

get sonic route 44 that's their big

jumbo size i call that the bladder


on a regular basis and i know i had read

and heard all of the different things

about how diet soda isn't good for you

diet soda can make you gain weight but

you know i didn't really believe it

because i lost over 100 pounds and

maintained it for a really long time

always drinking diet coke i drank all of

that pop

the whole entire time i was losing

weight and i

drank it while i was maintaining my

weight and i just really didn't think

that it affected me

and during that time i was tracking my

food or calories

um almost all of the time not during

some of the years that i was maintaining

but for a good majority of that and so

i knew how much i was eating and i

really didn't think that the diet coke

affected me

so what happened for me that made a


is that after i'd been maintaining my

weight loss for about 14 years

i i got a little brave and started

making some shifts because

while i had lost 100 pounds and i was

close to my goal weight

i ended up kind of landing about 20

pounds away

20 pounds heavier than my goal weight or

what weight watchers would say or a

chart would say is my goal weight which

is okay

i was still very happy with where i was

my health was great i was doing

triathlons and

taekwondo i have my black belt very fit


but um decided that i wanted to see if i


lose more weight and in the past i had i

had tried

many times i tried all kinds of things i

tried doing keto for a while

i did a whole 30 i switched from

points to calories to both i tried low

carb i tried different things within

that weight loss just giving it a shot

to see if i could lose additional weight

but this last year

i made some other changes which i talk

about in another video and on a blog

post of how i broke a 15-year plateau

and i was able to get to my goal weight

so i am now at my goal weight which is

140 pounds and i have been here for

close to a year

and i am maintaining that now so one of

the changes that i made

is i started getting an idea in my head


what if artificial sweetener is

affecting me

in ways that maybe i just don't even

realize and again keep in mind i've been

drinking this

all through my weight loss so i was

pretty skeptical

pretty skeptical but at this point um

in breaking this plateau i learned that

i just i had to be willing to try some

different things that maybe i had never

tried before

so i decided that i would give up

artificial sweetener for

30 days and i had given up diet soda

before for a couple months

at a time and it didn't really affect me

but i was having artificial sweetener in

other things and it's actually in quite

a few things

so i decided for 30 days i was

absolutely going to give up

all artificial sweetener and if it

didn't cause any difference for me then

i would say okay i can finally say that

this you know really doesn't affect me

so that meant no gum that meant

no sugar-free gum and so i just did no

gum um

no pop of course obviously and i'm from

illinois we called it pop there

no the soda the pop um no um

artificially sweetened foods so like i

would have like a dan enlightened fit

yogurt because that was only two points

on weight watchers really low calorie or

maybe i'd have some

desserts that were sugar-free like

sugar-free pudding or something like


i was using premier protein as the

coffee creamer substitute because it's

again really low in points and calories

i had to give that up really almost all

protein powders

have some type of artificial sweetener

of course all of the bars and things

like that protein bars

and i also gave up all natural

artificial sweeteners for that 30 days

so that's stevia monk fruit

fruit extract and my reason for that is

i was really trying to test if the

sweeteners affected my appetite

and i feel like some of the artificial

sweeteners even if they're more natural

you're not taking in calories and so

that can create that confusion in the


so i want to test it out so for 30 days

i did not have any pop of course and i

didn't have any artificial sweetener

well it had a big impact within just a

couple weeks i lost nine

pounds nine pounds now

for and for me being that close to my

goal weight that's a huge

that's huge that's a huge amount of

weight so

some of that could have been fluid you

know fluid changes because of the sodium

and the pop or something like that or

maybe the artificial sweetener itself

but i do think it was affecting my

appetite and i think it was in subtle


so it my points or even tracking

calories still looked

relatively the same but it might be like

an extra handful of strawberries here

or a few raspberries there or an extra

squirt of barbecue sauce or

just a few more bites of potato at

dinner so they were small enough that it

wasn't really something that i would

have noticed with tracking

but my body was keeping track i like to

say even if you're not keeping track of

your calories your body is

so after the 30 days it was like oh no

now what am i gonna do this actually


i had a decision to make and ultimately

i decided

that the weight loss mattered more to me

than the artificial

sweetener so i did not go back to diet


and diet dr pepper i have not had any

since that day that i first gave it up

so it's been well over a year now

now i have added back a few artificially

sweetened things

i try to stick to the more natural

sweeteners as much as i can

and really pick things that are

important to me so for example i have

added back some protein powder

a couple times a week i have a smoothie

a protein smoothie

or i add that to my oatmeal or

make like protein pancakes but

by and large i've really tried to go

without artificial sweeteners and i have


done any pop since that time

so if you are trying to break a diet

coke or diet dr pepper

or diet mountain dew addiction let's

talk about how you can do that

first i want to make sure that this is

something you really want and need to do

does do these things affect appetite at

least for me

i do believe that it did however keep in

mind that i did not attempt this process

until i had already lost 100 pounds

i had been maintaining that weight for

about 14

years and i was very close to my goal

weight so when women first come to

us at faithful finish lines that's the

weight loss program i run

together with my business partner becky

who's also lost 100 pounds

if they might be for example you know

50 75 100 pounds overweight and they

mentioned to me well i really need to

give up diet coke

what i would recommend to them is maybe

not yet

maybe it's not that big of a deal it's

much more important that you get your

calories under control

and all of us only have a certain amount

of willpower in each day and so you

really don't want to use up your


on something that i think is relatively

minor when you've got this big major

thing that you need to focus on first

so do you need to give up diet coke or

diet dr pepper or

you know diet pepsi maybe but maybe not

that decision is up to you

and your doctor but i just want you to

know that it's absolutely possible to

lose weight

without giving up those things but

if you've decided that now is the time

and you do want to give up diet pop

you've got two methods that you can go

with you can go with the gradual method

or you can go with the cold turkey

and i'm going to talk to you about both

now my business partner becky

she actually did give up diet soft


long before i did and she used a gradual

method so she's given me permission to

share a little bit of her story here and

i'll put a link to it below this video


but um here's how she did it so she

went from like diet mountain dew to


and then from sprite she switched over

to lemonade and then crystal light

and then from crystal light she used the

mios but um

beverage drops and then she just went

down to plain water

so it was a very gradual process that

actually took place over a couple years

is how she did it if you would like to

do this gradually

here are some other tips of things that

you can try don't

buy it to bring home only have it while

you're out

you could try mixing half half kind of

like becky did some of that too like she

started mixing like

mountain dew with sprite and then sprite

with lemonade and then lemonade with

crystal light

you could try buying a brand that you

don't really like like i mentioned i

didn't ever really like it out of two

liters i wanted it from a fountain or

from bottles so maybe i

if i would have gone the gradual method

i could have tried only buying two


or i could have tried buying diet pepsi

which i would drink if i had to

but really what i liked was diet coke

try drinking one glass of water before

every pop that you drank you could also


only drinking it in a certain time

window like give yourself a boundary

around it like i'll only have it between

one o'clock and three o'clock

in the afternoon or something like that

so those are some ideas if you'd like

like to try giving it up gradually i

will tell you that gradual

didn't tend to work for me i had tried

giving up diet pop a number of times by

cutting back gradually

and i just would end up drinking more

and more of it like i'd start with

cutting back to just two

and then the next day it'd be oh well

because i'm tired today because the kids

got up in the middle of the night

okay i'm gonna have a third one and then

pretty soon i was back to

my old habits so for me gradual once i

had a taste of it i just wanted to drink

more and more of it i knew that about


so the second option you have is to go

cold turkey which is what i did

and it's not easy but just like any


you know addiction or something like

that sometimes it just has to be done

and i will say that when we talk about

diet coke addiction

i think that we've developed a very

strong taste for it

and our brain has a very strong taste

for it it's not the same as an addiction

like drugs or alcohol but i think we

definitely can become dependent on it

so one of the things that i drank when i

was in this process

of going cold turkey is i made this

healthy ginger ale and it might sound

kind of weird but if it helps somebody

else then i think that's great

so i took plain sparkling water and i

put in

one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

the healthy apple cider vinegar and a

little shot of fresh lemon juice

and i'm not sure why it's really really

sour so you have to really like sour

but i like sour things and i always had

it in a wine glass

and i don't ever drink wine like alcohol

is not really my thing

but just having it in the wine glass

somehow made it fancy

so i would have a couple of those in the

afternoons and it just helped me get


that period of time i don't really do

that anymore but that little healthy

ginger ale helped me

also having a water bottle with an

infuser and i would put like

lemon or cucumber you can also

freeze ice cubes with some of those

things in it and put it in your drink

just the plain sparkling water like a

club soda

don't get the tonic water that has

flavoring in it but

um the sparkling water that helped me

because i really just liked the fizzy

and i miss the fizzy

you can also just drink more coffee or

tea if those are things

you do also have the option of switching


an artificially flavored water like a

sparkling water

and so that would be like ice or

bubbly or there are several others for


i didn't go that route because i gave up

all artificial sweeteners and those


have artificial sweetener in them to me

that's not really much

different than drinking pop but if you

again if you're going the gradual method

that might be a way to gradually

transition yourself away from soda

but since i was giving up all artificial


i didn't do that now there are some


drinks now that don't have any

artificial sweetener but they do have

some natural flavoring

polar is a brand that has some of those

that i like and i do have those on


um i don't you know i could do it i can

have it or i can go without it it's not

something that i

um crave the way i did pop my kids will

have a drink of it and they're like oh

gosh that's not sweet at all mom

but again if you need a little something

during the transition it is an option

or you could just go cold turkey to

water drink plain water and we all know

that that's super healthy for us

it makes you feel great it's good for

weight loss so that is definitely always

an option

all right so those are the steps that

you can take to give up diet coke

diet dr pepper diet soda diet pop

and the how and the why so do you need


maybe maybe not i think it depends on

where you are in your weight loss


in your health and your wellness and if

you feel like you have the extra

willpower that you're ready to do it

will it make a difference for you i

think it might i think it might make a

small difference

if we're talking exclusively about

weight loss

you know managing your calories in a

bigger picture way or points if you're

doing weight watchers is more important

but it can have a positive effect and

for me it did have a positive effect on

my appetite

so that i did lose a little bit more

weight once you decide you're gonna go

for it you can either use a gradual

method like becky did

or you can go cold turkey like i did so

those are the steps to give up diet soda

the how and the why

i'm sarah with faithful finish lines

thanks so much for watching bye