5 Tips To STOP depression!

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depression is the pits seriously

it can hit at any time sometimes it

jumps into people's life

really quick and other times it's a slow


we don't want depression so i want to

give you five tips that you can help

with your

own depression you can use it today let

me give you a hint

you actually have to do some work hi my

name is nathan

peterson i'm a specialist with ocd and

anxiety related disorders

i create videos every single week on

different tips and tricks that are going

to help you through your treatment with

your ocd

anxiety depression and so many others

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so there is major depressive disorder

which is a diagnosis

it's more than just feeling sad to

actually be diagnosed with this

you need to experience a depressed mood

lose interest in things that you used to


and most of the time this needs to be

for at least two weeks

in addition you need to have at least

four of the following symptoms

and they must be present at least every

day or

nearly every day within that two week


difficulty thinking or concentrating

eating too much

or eating too little feeling either

slowed down

or noticeably fidgeting feelings of


or inappropriate guilt low energy

recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

sleeping too much or too little since

i specialize in ocd there definitely is

a link that we see between

ocd and depression depression in people

with ocd

most often occurs after the onset of ocd


what this suggests is that depression

may be related to your personal stress

of living with ocd or troubles that have

developed at home

or work as a result of this disease


also believe that there may be a

biochemical factor that contributes to

this depression

we know for example that ocd and

depression are both characterized

by changes in the production and


of serotonin a chemical that relays

signals between

nerve cells but if you're here you're

like i already know this

i'm feeling it a lot of people just want

to know why do i feel this in the first

place where did it come from and

what can i do about it so what we know

is depression tends to

kind of run in the family there is that

genetic component there

so it could be mom could be dad grandpa

great grandpa

but also life experiences that play a

part into why

somebody might feel depressed but let's

go through five

different tips that can help you through

it and before we go

through this understand that you're

probably not going to want to do

any of them that's what depression does

it takes the motivation away it strips

it away from you

it's going to make you think that

nothing's going to work it's going to

make you think that you need to be

motivated to do something

that's one of the biggest keys when it

comes to recovering from

depression stop waiting for motivation

to happen

it's not going to happen you make the

motivation happen

by doing the things you don't want to do

by living the life that you want to live

so if your brain ever says i don't feel

like it today

duh that's the perfect moment to do the


you don't want to do stop waiting we're

not playing the waited out game anymore

so number one exercise take

15 to 30 minutes every single day get

your heart pumping

people who are depressed may not feel

like being active

but make yourself do it anyway ask your

friend to exercise with you

ask your buddy whoever asked your loved

one get them to do it

with you because it's going to keep you

motivated but once you get into this

exercise habit

it won't take long until you notice a

difference in your mood

but i also want to say that people

sometimes are like but i exercise and it

doesn't do anything for me

but did you know that there's actually a

difference in just

exercising and exercising with meaning

and power

so if i exercised with that thought of

like you know i really don't feel like


but i'm going to do it anyway and i'm

doing it because i need my brain to


that i'm the boss i get to do what i

want to do i'm going to push myself hard

and i'm not going to stop but if i'm

like i'm only doing this so i can get

this depression to go away

then guess what you're gonna keep

noticing the depression because

that's the reason you're doing the

exercise do it to change your brain

do it to change your life schedule this


don't wait for the moment to say okay i

think i should exercise today

because you're probably not going to do

it say i got it on my schedule

9 a.m that's what i'm doing 30 minutes

i'm going to get my heart pumping i'm

going to

pull something up on youtube it's super

easy do it in your house

you don't even have to go to a gym go

for a walk get some fresh air

but be consistent you can't work out one

day and say well that didn't do anything

number two eat healthy and i'm not

saying you need to change your entire


you're only going to be eating greens

and you're only going to be eating nuts

and that's how you're going to get past

this depression

like no depression can affect this


so somebody may not feel like eating at


but others might feel like overeating if

depression has affected your eating

you need to be extra mindful of getting

the right nourishment for your body

the proper nutrition the proper vitamins

your body needs

this can influence a person's mood and

energy so

much so eating plenty of fruits and

vegetables is

important but also eating regular meals

even if you don't feel hungry you eat

something anyway

eat something light eat a piece of fruit

eat some vegetables

a lot of people hear this and they

assume this is kind of an all or nothing


i either eat healthy or i don't and

that's not what this is about

it's taking what you're already doing i

don't care if you're eating fried food

but you're eating some vegetables and

fruit with it but if you down the road

realize that eating all this fried food

really isn't helping me too much then we

want to minimize that

but what i'm saying is add to what

you're already doing

get the proper nourishment for your body

number three

learn how to stop these negative


depression doesn't just make you feel

bad it can also cause you to think more


changing those negative thoughts are so


it can improve your mood cognitive

behavioral therapy

or cbt is a type of therapy

that works to alter common patterns of

negative thinking

and these are called cognitive

distortions these can be

an unhelpful thought like that person

just cut me off on their own they're

such an idiot and they're so selfish and

i just oh

this world's so horrible if i have that

thought early in the morning on my way

to work how do you think the rest of my

day is gonna go

what if i took that thought and i

challenged it and i said

oh man that person did just cut me off

but what if they're headed to the

hospital what if they're having a baby

what if they're a brand new driver what

if they what if their turning signal

just happened to be broken

it doesn't matter if it's likely or not

we're giving people the benefit of the


we're recognizing unhelpful thoughts i'm

jumping to conclusions about who this

person is

i'm labeling them i'm doing what's

called emotional reasoning my

body feels a certain way so my brain is

tricked me to think it must be true

go to your search engine and search up

unhelpful thinking styles

there are plenty of documents that go

along with this you need to identify

which ones you're doing

and it's your job to defend yourself

i'll create a whole separate video on

how to do this

but a good way to think about it is take

that first automatic thought that comes

to your mind

and imagine yourself standing in front

of judge judy you know judge judy it's

pretty scary

and you say if i had to prove that this

thought is absolutely true to judge judy

i'm standing right in front of her

could i do it would i win the case would

she laugh me out of the courtroom

because i can't say because i feel like

it's so true that that person is such an

idiot and they just don't care about

anyone else but themselves

she's gonna be like show me the proof

show me the evidence

just because they cut you off does not

mean that's who they are as a person

you need to have them on the stand and

say i am a selfish person i don't care

about other people and that's just who i

am and that's my whole livelihood

and you got it wow you won the case but

guess what that's not going to happen

so why are we falling for it and

believing things

just because we feel it and think it we

gotta challenge and think about it

first number four change your patterns

change your routines if we do the same


every single day you're gonna get the

same results

depression loves to live in the same

thing that you're doing every single day

make it a point to change it up i'm

going to do my homework

outside today i'm going to go exercise

i'm going to call a friend

i'm going to make this task that i

decided i'm going to do really


there's something that's called

behavioral activation and that's what

this is all about

schedule it out even if it's a few

things every single day that you are

going to do

differently but do it with meaning don't

just do it because

like someone told me on the internet

that i should change up my routine

do it and say this is how i'm going to

make it different i'm going to school


i'm going to smile everyone that i see

i'm gonna make it meaningful my job

today is to make somebody smile

this needs to be done with meaning

number five

try to notice good things depression

affects the person's thoughts

making everything sometimes seem


they may dismiss the positive and it can

seem very hopeless

if depression has you noticing only the

negative make an effort to notice

the good things and i'm not saying for

every negative thought you gotta think

of two positives

i mean you could but to me that's a

little silly because you're not really

doing it with meaning or power

instead what i want you to do is notice

the good things

be grateful notice the things you are

grateful for

set an alarm on your phone that's going

to go off and it's going to say

two things you're grateful for you're

going to look around the room you're

going to find them

i am so grateful that someone created a


if they did not create this window i

would have this cold air breezing on me

right now

breezing on me is that a term i don't


i am so grateful for that screw that is

holding that plate

together on the wall because that

weren't there i'd probably stick my

finger in there and shock myself

i'm so grateful that someone came up

with that invention i'm so grateful that

i'm even able to breathe

right now isn't that just amazing that

we can breathe our lungs expand

they contract notice the things that

you're doing every single day

and don't just do it super quick spend a

lot of time with it

write it down that can be very helpful i

don't care if your alarm is going off 30

times a day to remind you to be grateful

or to notice because we need to be aware

to even remember

to notice consider your strengths your

gifts your blessings

most of all don't forget to be patient

with yourself depression takes time to


unfortunately this is not a quick fix

you went to go hang out with your

friends and you made it really

meaningful and you've noticed a lot of

stuff today and you're eating healthy

and you're exercising

and that night you're not gonna be like

sweet my depression is gone this is

awesome this is great

it takes time stay consistent do it

every day

i don't care if you feel like doing it

or not that's not the point

we're not waiting for that motivation


if we waited for motivation you'd never

do it so here's my question for you

do you struggle with depression what

things have worked for you

what things don't work for you thank you

so much for watching this

if you know anybody that is struggling

with depression send us their way

use the tools let me know how it's going

for you and i'll see you next time