11 Ways to Cut DAIRY from your Diet for BETTER SKIN!

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so just eating these vegan cookies

if I got it I was like why not do a

video on how to stop eating dairy hey

guys welcome back to my channel so you

hear like a Mong Mong sound it's because

I have my heater on it's way too cold in

my room and then you ask why am I

wearing a tank top

I'm a conflicting person so on today's

episode on how Kayla removes all the

good things in life I'm going to doing a

how to remove dairy out of your diet

video because it was super requested

after I said I was very free in my acne

removal video but first why remove dairy

from his eyes so another good of a dairy

free life is an Asian weight loss and

also helps avoid added hormones and it

does helps with your skin and you know

that's a big thing with me theory also

increases sebum production which if you

don't know what sebum is it is the oils

in your skin so if you only skinned it

possibly is the culprit dairy does a lot

of harm to our bodies because it's not

meant for us to drink for example and

babies we drink milk from our mothers

bodies because we're humans cows drink

milk from their mothers bodies because

they're cows meaning we're not baby cows

guys it doesn't matter how much you want

to be a lady cow because it keeps but

you're not unfortunately

now long eating this cookie is vegan

soggy but hopefully not sponsored but if

you like to sponsor me hopeless I got

you I'm going to name the 11 thing the

11 ways to stop getting daring

completely forget the idea that milk

helps you grow or helps your bones grow

stronger so that's totally a myth

believe it or not it's possible that

dairy can have adverse effects in our

body meaning that they could actually

make our both lose calcium that's a

shame Derrick a team of evil cookies

phenytoin you might probably want to ask

your doctor but if you need calcium in

your body you can find other sources

eliminate a couple of foods that you can

eat the house calcium and um so that

you're not reliant on milk dark leafy

greens broccoli kale edamame bok choy

oranges almonds and fish and there are a

couple of other ones also we'll help you

get your calcium in without having to

rely on dairy this is my favorite part

because it's kind of like a scavenger

hunts with find alternatives to your

favorite dairy products there are so

many milks out there that you can try

instead of actually drinking cow's milk

almond is definitely uh paying for

butter there's so many

comes out there as well but I like the

Earth Balance vegan butter because it

tastes just like real buyer figure -

yogurt and I guess you can just skip

this but basically I've been eating cash

yogurt which is like a cashew m-- yogurt

it's kind of weird cow cheese is vegan

cheese comes in three flavors okay let

me just tell you the tomato cayenne is

Bob and it melts like real cheese and

it's so good it's the best in like

grilled cheese and I love it ice cream

is a struggle I have discovered then

Louis which if you guys have not

followed me on my Instagram I post about

Van luhan's all the time in the summer

but it's so so good guys like it's

creamy it's delicious it comes in

variety of flavors okay guys I don't

know if you do this but I actually start

crying when I think of really good food

if there's something wrong with me

please follow me on snapchat and you

know that I have been looking for a

really great vegan pizza restaurant in

New York City and I can't find like the

perfect one but it is somebody a cell at

like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's like

diet pizza which is okay I don't really

like diet cheese but if I'm desperate

I'll go for it and there's also Amy's

pizza which is also okay somebody needs

to come out with the good dairy-free

pizza that's like amazing with child

cheese oh we look for milk as a hidden

ingredient because that sneaky little

thing likes to jump inside of my food if

something says produce in a facility

that processes milk then you're okay you

can eat it and if it says may contain

milk then most of the time it has milk

in it make sure look at something growth

and imagine it at something like puss or

Cal pee and that's it watch videos on

the maltreatment of cows to produce milk

because honestly those videos make me

cry and they totally make me want to

stop drinking milk because of how badly

farms sometimes treat cows just so sad

can we remind yourself of the benefits

of removing dairy out of your diet like

you'll feel less bloated and you'll have

so much more energy change with dairy

free recipes because there are so many

hot pictures guys sorry for making

places to eat with dairy free options

like by Chloe

they have amazing dairy free desserts

that taste so good

there's a giant cookie there's a giant

cookie guys that taste amazing there's

so many vegan restaurants that you can

go to with dairy-free options and

there's also regular restaurants with

dairy free options that are so delicious

stop snowing in it don't dwell in the

fact that you can't have a dairy product

because that's going to make you miss it

even more believe it or not your body

won't crave dairy as much over time

except for pizza like if my family goes

to a pizza restaurant and catch me

outside how about that I know you guys

are probably thinking that this is so

much of a hassle and what can I possibly


but remember exactly why you're cutting

dairy out from your diet

and then you're wondering about that

just remember that you're doing it to

feel better to look better and to live

better with more energy in words desk

and I suppose I always tell you guys

don't beat yourself up about it if you

by mistake eat a dairy product or

something with dairy in it don't say

like oh my goodness I fail remember what

you did and try better next time

see you guys I just suggest to just

start off super simple and try one dairy

alternative for one week anyway I hope

you guys really enjoyed that video and

if you did then be sure to give it a

thumbs up and I know to continue to do

my health style videos comment down

below something I don't know or comment

down below your favorite dairy product

that's not a good idea

do you regularly like the best support

system I've ever had and I love each and

every one of you with endless amounts of

hugs I was out you guys really soon and