Why I Quit DaDa?

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welcome back my name is Craig I can't

run and if you're watching this video is

because you're wondering how come I

decided to quit data so continue to

watch this video to find out let me

start off by saying that data is an

online company in which you teach

students who live in China English and

the reason I'm making this video is

because lately I've been getting asked a

lot of questions about data and then I

decided hey why not put it in a video so

that way is easier for me to share with

you guys so the reason that I wanted to

do this mainly was you know like to

explain the reason I decided to not

renew my contract with them but I'm

going to try to talk about the pros and

then the cons so let me start with the

pros the process is that whenever I

started working with data I had a lot of

students my first day I was booked

back-to-back now something that I did

that was totally crazy is that I was

working this crazy schedule because

that's what they had available and it

was the only thing that I could pick and

I was in the weekend so I was working

from Friday Saturday morning and then

from Saturday morning to Sunday morning

what do I mean by that it's that I was

working from 116 in the morning to 324

in the morning yes I know it was a crazy

schedule and then on top of that don't

forget I said a split schedule so I was

working also from 5:00 in the morning to

812 in the morning so I was able to last

for a month in this special

I gotta say whenever the time change

happened and we gain Nelson our I don't

know what that was but anyways instead

I'll be working in 116 now my schedule

was from 1216 in the morning to 224 and

then it was going to be from 4:00 in the

morning to 712 in the morning

so then that's when I decided you know


I'm just going to last a month and then

I'm just going to you know like get out

of that at least eliminate one of those

slots so um when no it wasn't November

because he I was higher in September mid

September and then October I worked it

fully like that and finally in November

is when I decided you know what I'm

going to get rid of that 5:00 in the

morning special because it was not gonna

happen and I was too tired another good

thing that everyone thinks at first is

that if you don't have a student book

but you get paid well let me tell you

guys that what data you don't really

have a free spot to be honest you can

get booked within seconds you can have a

class just booked even and time in um

like I even had a phone call from data

telling me hey you have a student that

is waiting for you go ahead and log in

right now otherwise it's going to count

like you were absent so that was the

first time that I freaked out because I

was like wait why but I checked my

schedule I didn't have anybody well you

have to refresh and make sure that you

don't have a student that was just added

another problem about data is that they

set up the same student with you

throughout your whole contract so that's

something that I really enjoyed I had

the same student at the same time the

same day so I really love that you don't

need to have all this certifications in

order to teach students what do I mean

by that is that certain companies like

in VIP kid if you want to teach level

one you have to have this mock demo and

you have to be accepted to teach level

one well with that ad you teach any

student when I say any student you can't

have a student that is like four years

old or up - I had a fifteen year old and

that wasn't actually my favorite student

so um yeah so you can get booked from

little kids to older kids another pro

about that it was the way that you teach

with other companies you get time you

only have like you have to teach for 25

minutes and you have to finish the whole

PowerPoint or PPT as we all call it with

data you didn't have to you work as the

student adjust to you so I really like

that about data but also they didn't

give you really a specific things for

you to like say you know like some other

companies I tell you like say this say

dad I don't and they give you

recommendations and things like that but

know what that I would that you pretty

much have to like figure out on your own

it's not like with VIP kid in which you

have to finish that PowerPoint in 25

minutes oh and by the way with data

instead of teaching for 25 minutes you

actually teach 28 so and you only have

two minutes to move on to the next class

which now I guess this brings me into

the cons about data the first day that I

had it was crazy like I just told you

guys I had kids back-to-back because

there were trials and trials they are

only for 15 minutes and you only have

like two minutes and when I say like two

minutes it's because sometimes you take

a little bit longer trying to say

goodbye to the student you know so

basically you have like less than two

minutes if you want to run to the

restroom because again remember you are

contracted for that amount of time so

from 1216 to 224

I had to hold it because there was no

way that I was going to be able to go to

the Russian and come back so I knew

better that I had to go before I started

my shift so I know it was crazy but

that's something that I felt like what

if you're kind of sick you know but

anyways I'm glad I didn't have that

problem so I received this email in

which it says obviously that I was not

using my uniform and the uniform is you

have to wear blue and only blue that's

like the only thing they want you guys

to wear so I felt like really I mean I

only did it once but apparently you get

in trouble if you do not wear blue so I

know there's another companies in which

you are allowed to do that but not with

that I lost the student as well because

she decided not to continue with data

because everything was repetitive I was

teaching I think the letters O 2x over

and over and over again it was the same

story for like five classes in a row and

even the parent she was like we already

did this and then I will tell her no

because this is class number 16 and then

the last class was classified is but it

was the same story so I guess in their

mind is like the more repetition the

better which I get it too but then when

you repeat too much the same thing gets

boring and the students don't really

like it anymore you know

another ton about that at which I don't

think anyone really realizes this it's

the way that you get paid they pay you

engines and then you have to convert

that into dollars

and whenever I come here in two dollars

it sounded pretty good like how much I

was making but then turns out you have

to pay a fee because they actually pay

you in Jen's and you have to get that

change into dollar money so that way you

can get paid so to be honest all this

time that I work for data I never knew

how much I was making unless I mean the

the only reason I found out how much I

was getting paid is whenever it was in

my bank account that's the reason that

we signed up for this you know because

we're trying to get have an extra income

remember when I said that you get paid

even if you don't get a slot not booked

well that is true but you don't get the

full amount you only get half of it so

with that I feel like it was just so

much harder like to make the conversion

and try to see like how much am I going

to make and then whenever I had like an

idea well it wasn't really what I

actually made so then I pretty much just

gave up on trying to figure out how much

I was going to get paid for the month

also did you get paid only once a month

I don't think there was an option for me

to get paid twice a month like in VIP

care with other companies like in VIP K

because that's what work for now fully I

get to choose the times that I want to

work with data whenever I sign my


whenever I said I was gonna work from

that crazy schedule that I had just told

you guys I had to work that schedule a

free time so if you're deciding to come

to data then if you say I'm gonna work

every Friday from this time to that time

then it's going to be every Friday for

the next six months

I never took off and the only time that

I did was to go out of town whenever I

went to for my spring break and that's

the only time that I requested off and

it was two weekends in a row

and this is what really upset me I guess

because I have my student text me and he

asked me where are you how come I

haven't seen you and I had told him hey

but remember that I'm out of town and

he's like oh okay

but then whenever he messaged me again

he said because to be honest I didn't

really check my calendar ahead of time

turns out they have removed him as my

student so this was the fifteen-year-old

and he was really good I mean he was

learning a lot of English and that kind

of like upset me and I was so sad and

turns out my kids they started to leave

you know like I was like okay so what's

going on also I guess it's because this

is a time in which I needed to renew my

contract and they told me that I had

until April 15 no April 15 I'm sorry I

take that back I have a I had until

March 15 to let them know if I was going

to continue with them or not

and that's when I sent them an email

saying no because and I didn't really

give them a reason but my reason was

they took my favorite student away so I

had this favorite student

I had actually four students so those

were my four students that I loved so

then I lost that one my favorite one who

I had from the beginning and then they

took away this other one and I was like

you know what no

I don't want to continue with data

because I started looking into like the

future you know like the next two weeks

that I had whenever I came back from my

vacation and those kids were not even it

must get show anymore those those two

and then so that means I still had two

more to go

well it turns out whenever I gave them

the notice that I was not going to renew

my contract with them they took them

away so they didn't even get to say

goodbye to my students and that's what

hurt me a lot you know like I feel like

that doesn't stuff I mean they should

all let me say goodbye to my students

but they did it so and I am glad that we

shan't exist because that's the only

reason I was able to say goodbye to them

you know so the last two weeks of the

month of March I had all these new kids

they were all trials and I tried my best

not to get attached you know because you

can attach to the kids I mean let's be

honest teaching is a work of art that's

my experience with data and the reason

that I decided to quit and not renew my

contract with them well I hope this

video helps you out in deciding if you

want to join data or if you want to join

a motor company later on and again I

mean I want to be transparent with

everyone this is what happened to me and

the reason that I wasn't filming a lot

of videos with that again it's because

you know I wasn't really feeling it as

much I loved the kids okay but I didn't

like you know everything else you know

well I hope you guys like this video

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will see y'all next time