Why I Quit CUTCO !

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hey loves i'm natalie morgan welcome to

my channel where you focus on all things

beauty vlogs and lifestyle

and today i'm going to be talking about


i quit cutco um so first of all

i made another video if you guys haven't

seen it

um it was the first video i made

pertaining to coco

as well as the most viewed video on my

channel um

so that video was talking about you know

just pretty much smashing um

ideas about cutco as far as it being a

scam and stuff

which i still stick by so

um if you have seen that video and

you're watching this video i do want you

to know

that i stick by everything i said in

that video the reasons i'm quitting have

nothing to do with the company itself

and it's about me

and if you're running across this video

before seeing if you should work for


once again i think hutco is great to

work for

for different reasons depending on who

you are so there is a few reasons why i

quit cocoa

um this also goes to what office you're


some offices are better than others blah

blah um so

one of the reasons that i quit coco

is because it was just going to be too

time consuming for when it came around

to the fall semester

um so with that um i

am in bands i dance i am a bio pre-med

major which is a stem major which is

very time consuming

and i um of course need to study

so with those four things thinking that

most of my time i'm not going to have


to even book demos let alone actually do

the demos

and because i only get paid if i sell

that's another thing i'm going to go

into next

i'm like going to be a lot of doing a

lot of work for cutco and not being able

to um make money while doing it

so if you're somebody that's not as


like in school as i am maybe it's a

little bit different

if you're in high school of course

things are maybe a little bit more laid


but if you're like a senior or something

maybe you have to work more towards

college i have no idea

but as far as me being in college i

don't have time to dedicate to cutco

and it just is not smart on my end to

like continue doing it when i'm not

gonna have time to do it

um the second part why i'm quitting is

like i

said i only get paid if i

sell so let me explain that so in

another cut cup video i made i was

explaining the pay process

um my manager did not tell us this part


apparently it's in the contract but

we're kind of rushed to sign the


um so once again every office is

different this is how my office does it

this is not how every office probably

does it

so in my office after you sell over ten

thousand dollars you stop making a base


so what a base pay is is basically you

get paid for doing the demo

whether you sell or not but once you

sell over ten thousand dollars you no

longer make a base thing

so if you have a demo you don't sell you

don't get paid for that demo

so you can see where that would cause

some conflict because like i said i'm so


now if i take off time for dance

practice or band practice

to do a demo first of all it's not

guaranteed that they're gonna show up so

then it's like a missing practice for no

reason and it's also not guaranteed that

i'm going to sell

so once again missing practices for no

reason to not make money on these demos

that i'm doing because i'm not gonna get

paid for them all the time

so like it just wasn't good that i was

only gonna be getting paid if i sell

once again

if it was something i was doing as in

high school it's like a side thing

it'll be great because it's like you

know just extra money on the side

but because i have things that i

actually have to pay for bills

and bills bills yeah i need something

that is going to be

guaranteed pay and consistent pay so

that's another reason why i'm quitting

so the third reason that i am quitting

kakka is because

the work just kind of got to a point

where it's something i didn't enjoy


um so it was first of all very time


to me pertaining to me it was really

time consuming for me

because everything i do i kind of try to

make it perfect

um so there's a whole bunch of other

meetings and stuff that

my manager wanted me to go to because i

was an assistant manager so you're

expected to do more

um and then just the work itself like

sitting through the same

demo watching the same 10 minute video

in the demos

doing the same thing all day

like seven times a day was like annoying

and then

having to make the phone calls and

that's the thing that i didn't really

enjoy about it is because i had to reach

out to my customers rather than

like you working as a car salesman and

people actually coming to you looking

for cars

so it just made a little harder that you

had to go out and do it yourself

so basically all the problems i'm

describing i feel like cut coat is great

if you're able to dedicate your time to

it because there are people that do this

as a full-time career and they make like

six figures which is great because all

your time is dedicated to cutco

and then there's the people that are

like in school that are part-time

it's still great if you have other ways

to make money some people have another

job and do this on the side

some people just want a little bit extra

money but don't necessarily need a job

to pay for things so they have their


so it's just good to have some pocket

money but for somebody like me where i

actually need a job to pay for things

it's just not a good idea for me

and i figured like i'm making two hours

making phone calls

just to set up appointments where some

people might cancel where i can make

two hours making phone calls at a job

where i'm actually getting paid for or

not making phone calls but a job

where i'm actually working for the two

hours and getting paid so i felt like it

was just kind of wasting my time where

i could be working somewhere else and

getting paid for this two hours of work

that i'm doing

because you don't get paid to like make

phone calls or anything like that

um so that was another reason i quit

and the second thing or i don't even

know what number i want it's not second

but another reason i quit is it was like

mentally draining

so it got to the point where like i said

i'm a perfectionist

and not only am i perfectionist it

wasn't mentally draining because i'm a

perfectionist but it was messy journey

because i had things i was worrying


so i had this apart like if you see my

video about my stressful summer

the apartment medical bills

um a car like i had things that i was

trying to pay for

and i wasn't getting paid some weeks so

some weeks i'll make like a thousand

dollar paycheck

other weeks i made like a nine dollar

paycheck because i literally didn't sell

in the week

so just because of that it was just

yeah i it was mentally stressful like i

cried so much about this job

because i wasn't getting the results

that i wanted to

and once again depending on the person

you are and why you're doing the job

depends on if it's going to work for you

which is why i keep saying

like i take nothing that i said back in

that video because it worked

it served its purpose it gave me what i

needed it built my skill set

as far as communicating with people it

allowed me to actually put

hey i've had a job before on my resume

because now i got hired at another job

when i had the little it was on the

phone interview for the job really

and i told her like i sold 20 over

i told her i sold over 21 000 while

working as a sales rep massage assistant

manager for cut coach that looked good

for me

so it definitely builds a lot of skill

set it makes you look good on your


cutco is a very big well-known company

so it does look good

so like i said it just didn't serve its

purpose for me towards the end

um so those are pretty much the reason

that quick cut code was too time

consuming for going into the fall

mentally draining i didn't get paid for

not selling

and yeah so those are pretty much the

reasons i

quit co um i was there for

pretty much the summer so it was kind of

like a summer job type of thing

i was planning on doing it through

college but like i said

it's not for me because i'm way too

involved in school

and the work is just a lot

um but at the end of the day if you're

watching this video because you're

trying to see if you should work for


i feel like you should give it a try


the job is for some people it's not for

everybody so people will be quick to

say cutco is a scam but they haven't had

an interview

they haven't even made it through the

training process they haven't even

worked at the job for like a week or two

so all those videos that you guys are

watching that say coco is a scam

it's usually people that just got a

letter in the mail or people that didn't

do the interview

or people that did the interview and

didn't continue take it from somebody

that's been at the job for a few months

give it a try and then if you don't like

it you leave

if you like it great because like i said

it did good for me

i don't regret doing it because it got

me a car

it made me think that hey get this


like it's it's done good for me

um but if you did subscribe to me

um because of cutco because i have

gained some subscribers after that video

my channel is not a cutco channel

so this is like the last video i'm

making about cutco

so if you're still expecting cocoa


don't but yeah my channel is not about


as i say in my intro beauty

vlogs and lifestyle i'll still respond

to any questions you guys

have since i quit cutco

people are still commenting under that

video and it's kind of like weird

because they're still asking me

questions about it but i'm still


someone asked me recently under my

recent youtube video house cut cut going

and i quit so yeah no more questions

about cutco

as far as like if i'm continuing because

i'm not but

i will answer any questions you have

about it feel free

to dm me on instagram at hey mrs.marcus

that's h-e-y-m-r-s

dot m a r c u s hey mrs.marcus

and yeah but that is it for the video

i hope you enjoyed it stay tuned for

videos every monday wednesday friday

that is it for this time and i'll see

you guys

next time