How to Stop Swearing!

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hi this is Craig Valentine author the

perfect day formula and we're going to

use a key component of my formula today

to help you stop swearing yeah you can

do it now I know from experience because

I used to curse like a sailor I was

really really bad in fact my father was

so bad that I'm pretty sure he invented

new swear words but then one day back in

2011 I was running intervals and I was

thinking of my readers that early to

rise calm and I was thinking you know

what I always wanted wasn't thinking

like this when I was running intervals

but I was thinking you know what I'm

telling these people what to do everyday

and Here I am with a sailor's cursing

mouth I got to stop this because I knew

that I could stop it from two things one

I never ever ever swore in front of my

parents doesn't matter that my father

swore my mother never swore but I never

swore in front of my parents and I

figured you know what if I could not

swear in front of them

I could not swear in front of my friends

and I also realized hey I don't swear

when I'm on stage talking about the

perfect date formula or teaching people

how to grow their business I don't curse

I don't think that you have to drop an

f-bomb to be cool in front of people

Martin Luther King didn't drop any

f-bombs and he made a pretty good impact

wouldn't you say so let's teach you how

to stop swearing in five simple steps

and I did this in just six days that's

right I went from swearing about 10

times a day

once I was conscious of it to not

swearing it all in six days so here's

what you're going to do step number one

is using the first pillar of my five

pillars of success fatter planning and

preparation you need to do better

planning so what does that mean well

alright I know that I like to swear to

make it impact all of us do we want to

sound cool we want to emphasize things

well we need to plan and prepare other

words to replace the curse words so

believe it or not I started saying the

word sugar shack Oh

the time I don't know why it just came

to my mind when I wanted to swear and so

that was one of my crutches that I did

better and planning and preparation with

to help me stop swearing that was one of

the things believe it or not so come up

with words they're going to replace the

f-bombs and the other words in your

presentations in your conversations when

you want to have an impact and put

emphasis on something you're saying you

can do it plan and prepare

number two professional accountability

all right so here's what I was doing I

was telling my friend I was telling my

coach my personal coach who helps me not

only in business but also in making

personal changes that I wanted to change

and he was giving me two things in

return expert advice he was teaching me

how not to swear because he had high

morals and ethics and didn't curse

himself and he was giving me

accountability which is so key I was

going to him saying hey I wanted to make

a change and he was saying to me alright

I'm going to hold you to this high bar

no excuses

if I see you cursing you're swearing

you're going to be in a lot of trouble

and that is a key component of any

change in their life even when we want

to stop cursing also positive social

support that's pillar number three

positive social support and so I told

the world I told everybody on my email

list a hundred and fifty thousand people

I said I quit swearing I'm going to stop

swearing today and you can do that we

even have this habit change Club on

Facebook the 21-day have it change

accountability club where people tell

strangers that they're going to change a

habit and make it positive social

support other people who are there

saying you can do it I believe in you

here's what worked for me so get

positive social support and whatever

change you make but when you make that

change about stopping cursing your and

tell your spouse you're going to tell

your friends are going to say hey listen

I quit swearing and I want you to

support me you need a meaningful

incentive as your for

reason for change for me it was internal

listen I wanted to stop being a

hypocrite meaningful incentive is to

stop being a hypocrite in front of

thousands of people and you know what I

hate being a hypocrite I hate talking

out of the side of my mouth and so

that's why whenever I find myself acting

in congruence with how I want people to

see me the reputation I want to build

and I want to build a reputation as a

perfect British gentleman polite and

courteous at all times who doesn't curse

I mean I'm telling you right now telling

thousands of strangers right now I don't

care that's the reputation I want I

don't want to be the type of person

who's known as cursing like a sailor I

want to be much more respectful and

polite and so for me it was meaningful I

want to be hypocrite for you it might be

you want to stop cursing in front of

your children so that you leave a better

impact on them or maybe you curse in

front of people at work kind of

reputation are you building if you can't

get through a conversation without

saying an f-bomb in order to make your

point yeah I know sometimes they're

funny I'll still laugh at one here and

there but you know what it's not


JFK helped the world of America get to

the moon right and he didn't drop an

f-bomb in there Ronald Reagan I don't

think he swore in his presentations you

don't need to swear you just don't you

can be a leader you can be John Maxwell

you can be these great preachers like

Joel Osteen they don't swear them

millions of followers to make a massive

impact so don't tell me you need to

curse onstage forget about it all right

now we are going to have finally the big

deadline so for me I gave myself a big

deadline of 21 days I thought you know

what the old thing is it takes 21 days

to build a new habit well here's what I

did every day I gave myself not only a

meaningful incentive but also an

incentive with consequences every time I

cursed it was $100 $100 I had to give

away and I don't like giving away that

much money every single day

$600 the first day $400 the next day and

I eventually had that word Sugar Shack

replaced the curse words and I was down

2-0 curse words in 6 days now I still

swear up here especially if I see a big

bug than I'm not expecting but as long

as I don't say it out loud

I've stopped swearing and that's

important to me so use these five

pillars and again you use these 5

pillars to lose weight look great get

back in shape make more money find the

love of your life change any habit use

these better planning and preparation

professional accountability positive

social support a meaningful incentive

and the big deadline you can change you

become better person build a better

reputation doesn't matter if you drink

too much right now you swear too much

you don't have to be like that anymore

you can change I've changed I know

thousands of people that have changed

using my system and you can change too

if you want more help in changing your

life go too early to rise calm and grab

a copy of my book the perfect a formula

where I go through the five pillars of

success in much more detail to help you

change your life