How To STOP CURSING So Much (Use The Switch Trick)

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Heya playa, do you say the words F---, S---, C----, A--, and, B---- a lot?

Well, that's the question that Jacob asked me when he said "I got into the bad habit

of swearing and I want to stop.

Can you please give me some tips on how to stop swearing?".

Don't worry Jacob, we all kind of fall into this rut but I do have a few practical tips

that you can put into play to help you stop swearing.

This is The Josh Speaks.

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For those of you that are new here, my name is Josh and every single Monday through Friday

I make videos sharing tips, ideas and stories teaching you how to be your best self and

today I want to dive deeper into the idea of cursing.

Why do we do it so much and how do we make ourselves stop?

The interesting thing about cursing is that we generally tend to pick up the usage of

certain words because we hear them so often and so frequently.

I mean when you really think about it, curses are just words.

They don't really have any actual power to them.

If I were to say a curse to you in a completely different language that you didn't know, would

you be offended by it?

Most likely you wouldn't care because that word has no real meaning to you.

It only gains a meaning when you're able to attach it to language that you already understand.

So for many, there are a few different key places that people tend to pick up the specific