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Meow I like cat yes I eat air Meow I like cats

thank you for your comment I've literally been laughing at this comment

for about five minutes now or trying to do this see because I keep imagining

someone with a very serious face saying yes I eat air welcome to another episode

of responding to your comments my goodness we are getting so many comments

on the page and I'm loving the interaction that we've got going on on

YouTube we're going to be looking at fun questions we're going to be looking at

health questions so while waiting for let's dive in Abigail Falese can you

do a video for a cough please Abigail thank you for your comment this is from

the house to get rid of a sore throat video coughs yes I can do a video on coughs

coughs probably one of the most common questions we get asked in community

pharmacy so when I work in a community pharmacy it probably is one of the most

common questions I get asked especially in the winter but there's a few things I

always ask patients to begin with so the most important thing that I always ask

every single patient is firstly how long have you had this cough have you had it

for a week if you had it for two weeks and if you've had it for three weeks or

more then I will always refer the patient to speak to their health care

professional whether it's a doctor their advice nurse practitioner or their

advanced pharmacy practioner other questions I ask include are you

having any chest pain are you struggling to breathe are you losing weight for no

reason and also are you on any medication or any treatments that are

reducing your immune system or are you immunocompromised which is what we say

so for example are you having chemotherapy or are you taking any medicines that reduce

your immune system so if any of these are a yes I will again refer on to the

patient's health care professional because they will need to investigate

what's going on by the way this wasn't a full list of questions I ask

I will leave more information for you in the description below as well now in

terms of what to do it really depends what type of person you are and this

will make a bit more sense later on in this video I promise but generally

speaking if you have no red flags and there's nothing to worry about and

you're over five years old I always recommend warm water mix with honey

because one it's inexpensive two everyone has these kind of ingredients at home

and three which is the most important thing the evidence is showing warm water

and honey is just as effective at reducing a call as the over the

counter remedies that you can buy pharmacy or anywhere so how do you make

this mixture well it's very easy you get one to two teaspoons of honey mix it with

warm water let it cool until it's a sensible temperature and drink it easy

as that you can do it a few times in the day or as much as you need it really the

reason I say it depends what type of person you are is that for a lot of people

this isn't convenient for them you know if you're working if you're busy nobody

can really carry a pot of honey with them and a kettle or even at work to

keep mixing this solution keep making it and drinking it so there is this

convenience factor that comes into play so sometimes patients will say to me

Abraham that's great the honey and water mixture is great I can do that on the

weekend but I work I'm busy I've got stuff to do I don't have time to carry a

pot of honey and get boiling water all the time and let it cool which is

understandable because a lot of people don't really have time for it and it's

that convenience factor that I mentioned so they'll say just give me a cough

mixture please just give me a coffee stirrer what do you recommend I'll say

okay that's fine it's understandable now in terms of cough mixtures as long as

you're fit and healthy and well and you're over twelve there is some

evidence pointing to use of guaifenesin so look out for this ingredient in

the cough mixture the evidence has shown that it does work well as an

expectorant there's also dextromethorphan which is useful to

relieve a cough as long as the cough isn't and persistent so in asthmatics you have

a persistent cough so it won't be useful for that and also as long as you're not

producing excessive phlegm but I would always recommend everyone to speak to

their pharmacist so they can check your symptoms rule out any red flags and

recommend you a product that's suitable for you and it's safe for you to take as

well so that's the most important thing that would recommend everyone to do but

please remember that these remedies will help to reduce the symptoms of an acute

cough but if there is an underlying infection it's not going to help with

that and also if your cough has been going on

for three weeks or longer it's not gonna help with that either most likely so you

will need to definitely speak to your doctor or any healthcare professional

who looks after you so thank you for your question I really hope my tips help

everyone and you're awesome back to the comment yes

i eat air from meow I like cats thank you for your comment this is from the how to

stop bloating video and in the video I do discuss about eating air and it

making bloating worse but I did say this isn't physically doing this because

nobody does that nobody eats air like that but when we're eating when we're

eating food if you eating it fast if you're eating it like slumped and not

straight back if you're to move your mouth open if you chew gum with your

mouth open all of these can increase the amount of

air that we kind of swallow and it can all make bloating worse but it's just a

way that you said it yes I eat I just imagine this very serious face saying it

but I really hope my tips help you thanks for commenting Jessica Furtado oh

my god my nasal spray always goes down my throat because the instructions say

squirt and sniff they usually do that's correct I tried what you said squirt and

angle and small sniffs then once it starts dripping you can breathe normal I

tried and I can't taste anything in my throat this is amazing I almost stopped

the sprays and was gonna ask for antihisthamine pills instead Jessica thank you

for your comment this is one of the main reasons why I love YouTube so much

because it makes all of this useful information accessible for everyone

around the world so I'm glad that it helped you one of the main reasons

people do stop using a nasal spray is because that horrible aftertaste it can

leave if you're not using it right so if thank you for your comment it

really puts a smile on my face and I hope you continue enjoying all my future

videos Alpha Ghost 316 my voice sounds deeper than Thor and Thanos

combine Alpha ghost thank you for your comment this is from the how to fix a

sore throat video and yeah that must be pretty deep because them two definitely

have very deep voices and I hope with a click of this finger or is it this

finger I can't remember your sore throat has gone away

thank you for comments it looks like we've run out of time again in this

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