How To Stop Coughing At Night

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Hello there. Welcome to Hero TV! Our hero

for today is Cynthia Sumner, and she's

going to teach us how to stop coughing

at night.

You might find it strange that I'm

talking about emotions with the subject

of coughing. But what I have found

through my experience in my opinion is

the root of all physical issues is an

emotion so I have found for myself that

when there's a cough there's there's

something that i'm holding in that needs

to be moved out that needs to be heard

there's something inside me that's not

being heard and sometimes it's something

for my our childhood that we felt

suppressed or maybe it's something we're

afraid to say as an adult but especially

be aware of that if you have a child

that is dealing with the cough it there's

an emotion there there there's something

inside of them that needs to be heard

and you can calm it by spending time and

listening asking a lot of questions

looking them in the eye this is the root

of of healing a cough is the love and

and being a listening ear and making

creating a safe place for yourself to be

heard or for your child to be heard or a

friend or anybody that you're listening

to this video for to help with the cost

so to make this garlic ointment it's

super simple and you want to use

vaseline or another lotion or ointment

that's like that and you'll probably be

thinking why would you use vaseline it

is not natural I normally don't use that

that's a very clogging and natural a

synthetic source but this is different

because we want to use something that

won't absorb right into the foot

something that can stay there for a long

period of time and vaseline is the

perfect way to hold the garlic that

we're going to put on it in it on your

foot all night so that, this is pretty

much the only time that I use vaseline

so I'm going to use about three or four

cloves of garlic and you want it crushed

and that just opens up the healing

juices of the garlic

and that's it you stir it up

smells like


restaurant in here

and there's your

garlic ointment for your feet so now

I'm going to explain to you how to apply

the ointment on your feet but first I

want to share the steps to do before if

you have time or you can just put it

right on your feet but i highly recommend

getting into a hot bath and it's good to

do a pinch of cayenne or maybe some

yarrow herb because that helps open up

the skin open up the chest so that you

can detox through your skin so

sitting in a hot bath and then when you

get out or if it's for a child get them

dressed wet and they won't like it they

probably will cry and if it's for

yourself it's hard to get your pajamas

on while you're wet but your body needs

that water and it will actually absorb

right into your chest to help decongest

and this is very effective this is when

you would put on the ointment on the

bottom of your feet so sit down make

sure you have some socks handy and I

also like to use some plastic wrap so

just a piece of plastic wrap on the

bottom of your foot so that you can keep

the ointment there instead of absorbing

through your stockin into your bed

sheets but if you have some good thick

socks you can use that too if you want

to use one hundred percent cotton socks

and put a good amount probably this

thick on the bottom of your foot and

pull your sock over your foot and just

standard those covers and that will help

calm your system down so you're not

coughing through the night it also helps

to go into your system and break up the

congestion so when you wake up you'll

start coughing that you won't cough for

long because you'll actually get out

what your body is trying to get out some

steps that you can add to this that will

just help you get better faster is to

what I call onion on the chest and if

this is something you've never heard

before you're going to be like huh? what?

why would you do that? but let me tell

you why and the healing agents in an


is very effective so there's a couple

ways that you can do this you can cut

just dice up an onion and put it on a

plate and put it on your nightstand

breathing the fumes breaks up congestion

all through the night you also can cut a

slice of onion about a half inch thick

and put it in some olive oil on the

stove on low because you don't want to

you don't want to burn out those healing

agents but you want to be sure to saute

the onion on low and then you take it

off the pan let it cool down and this is

what you'll use after you get off the

bat out of the bath and you've got your

pajamas on you put the onion on your

chest so I use that plastic wrap that

has a sticky side on one side and so you

can do a big square over your chest to

hold the onion on and then you want to

put a tighter pajama top on to help hold

it in place try and stay on your back to

sleep through the night and having that

on your chest is it just goes deep down

and breaks up what your body is trying

to cough up and get out and another

thing that would be very helpful on your

nightstand is to do a humidifier you

have that moisture going in and and it's

all working together to decongest and

the faster you can get that out the

faster you can get better there's a

really great recipe it super simple and

super easy and super effective and in

contrast to the medicine at the store

there's color die off sometimes there

sugar and it's hard on your liver

because it's a process medication so you

can use this as an alternative it's just

raw honey and onions and the best way to

do it is onion juice so you can grade it

just on a fine that that small grader

and let the juice of the onion drip into

a bowl a little bowl of honey maybe like

a fourth cup of honey or just grate the

onion right into the honey stir it up

and take a teaspoon or a tablespoon

before going to bed so you want to take

a drink of water before so you don't

drink after the cough syrup so it can

sit on your throat and stay there in

your body so your body can use it to

help suppress a cough so you can sleep but

you never want to suppress a cough

through the day your body needs to be

able to cop it out

that's what you does the reason why

you're coughing is to get out something

the body doesn't need that's in there so

but it is important to sleep so I can

calm a cost to sleep and then you want

to be able to get that congestion out

the next day

I hope you found this video

helpful and I also hope that you find

some relief from coughing tonight I've

put a lot of links in the description

below that you should find helpful

of course be sure to subscribe we'll see

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