How to Overcome Video Game Addiction

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hey how's it going it's Richard Kuo so

today we're going to talk about how to

overcome video game addiction so I

received a question from well f man on

YouTube and he asks mr. Kuo do you have

a video about how you quit video game

addiction I really need help I used to

be very active my studies basketball

family church girls but lately I've been

in a state of professional help and I

know it will also hurt my chances of

getting into med school if I don't

change I don't want to hear from a

professor or therapist I just need

advice from someone that went through

the same process up here first of all

just to fill those people in who have

not seen my previous YouTube videos on

video game addiction for me personally I

have struggled with video game addiction

in the past and I've had moments in my

life where I would be playing 10 to 12

hours a day for weeks on end and I've

had periods in my life where I've spent

you know six months straight just

playing playing playing every single day

if I'm not if I'm not in school I'm

playing video games I'm definitely a lot

more balanced and I'll explain a little

bit more about that later if I remember

to buy either way let's dive into the

question a well f man asks how do you

quit video game addiction first of all

the most important word in video game

addiction is addiction what is addiction

mean addiction is the physical or mental

dependency on a substance in this case

it's video games and honestly it doesn't

matter if you're your if you're addicted

to video games sex porn alcohol food

drugs even watching Netflix all these

addictions are kind of the same thing we

are addicted or dependent on these

things we're dependent on playing video

games and we were stuck in this area

because we don't want to face a certain

something in our lives we don't want to

feel the pain of having to think about

what's the next step in my life I don't

want to study for this exam I don't want

to face my problems I don't want to

think about you know what is the purpose

of my life and that is why we are

dependent on video games for as a means

of escape so we don't have to think

about these things well F man I want to

know that so many people like I believe

everyone who is addicted to video games

has the same exact problems that you do

how you get over video game addiction is

by take

gain control of your life if we take

control of our lives then we just regain

that possession and we dictate yes I'm

going to allow myself to play video

games two hours max cool and then I'm

going to move on but if we let our

addiction take control of our life then

there goes our life I remember when I

try to quit video games just a few what

was it I feel like I was just even just

a few weeks ago I remember thinking okay

dude Richard stop lying first of all

step number one uninstall the game

because I know playing it's not gonna

help me think or give me the opportunity

to think about it so I I uninstalled the

game step number two was just love

myself feel my emotions let myself feel

all the pain all the although like

whatever depression just anxiety

whatever it is I'm just like being

confused and loss of my life step number

three was ask yourself have you had

enough of this do you want to keep

living your life like this or do you

want to move on I realize I in step

number three that I'm like you know I

want to move on

like I'm done with this some number four

is commitment okay you know what if I'm

done with this I need to commit to

something and not just say oh I'm

committed like I I had to commit to

something in that commitment was towards

my future like what it what is it that I

see with my life

I want to become a motivational speaker

so with me my commitment was okay now

let's create a routine let's create a

weekly routine and a daily routine with

that where every single day I'll plan

out what time I'm going to wake up what

time I'm going to start working and then

as a reward after if I complete all my

routine stuff after I'm done with

everything then I will give myself that

reward of having the rest of my day free

to do whatever I want to ever since I

created this routine a what a week or

two ago I've been very on track of it

I've been very in control my life to the

point where I no longer have a deep

desire to play video games right now I

don't have this desire because in the

past I was so dependent on playing video

games as my escape that now my focus has

been shifted to what is it that I want

with my

life I want to live my life at making a

difference in people's lives so that is

the reason why you know video games this

is my focus my energy instead of

focusing over here I'm focused over here

which is the positive energy in summary

and brief summary how to get overcome an

addiction is regaining control of your

life and not letting our bad habits

being control of us I think that's the

best I could say right now in this short

amount of time but if you I know there's

going to be more questions so if you

have more questions feel free to drop

them down in the comment section below

and let's keep the conversation going

because I know this is I know this is

like the most requested topic on my on

my channel and I really want to be of

service to you and figure help you

figure out how do you how do you get

over that video game addiction and yeah

just live your life to the fullest thank

you so much for watching this video

scribe if you want to you know follow up

and see if I have more upcoming videos

about video game addiction I'll link the

other two videos somewhere here so you

can watch the other two it's a work in

progress for me too

it's one step at a time and I know today

I am one step better than I was a few

months ago because I'm constantly

working at this I'm constantly

disciplining myself to become a better

person and honestly you can too I feel

like I grew up with not very much

discipline as much as I wanted to so I

know how it feels for you well f man

thank you so much for that question and

I hope you have a great day and all of

us well thank you so much peace