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hello my name is elliot wald and i am

the hypnosis expert

i've been helping people just like you

for over 23 years

i've helped over a hundred thousand

people to change their life

and one of the most common things that i

deal with to date

is cocaine addiction and i deal with a

whole array of people who use cocaine

from those people who will use two or

three grams on a

friday night maybe rolling into a

saturday that maybe

began as a social thing to somebody who

will use

four or five or six grams of cocaine


single day


and the thing that i've studied and

learnt over this is

it's far more intricate than most

therapists can ever understand because

this is something that i really

specialize in

the way that they chop a line and how

many lines they get out of a gram and

how many grams of use in a day and and a

lot of people don't understand a gram is

not a gram is not a gram

you know it depends whether you get a

gram that's a 0.4 or a full grain

and a lot of people don't comprehend

this and therefore there's there's a


in their ability to help you but i fully

understand this

i fully understand the associations of

perhaps the trigger is alcohol and

you've had a couple of pints at the

moment you've had a couple of pints

you then call it on and you call your

dealer and you've

got a couple of drops off i always say

that you know i

guarantee you that you call a pizza

and you call a dealer you can get the

coke dropped off

quicker than the pizza arrives that's

how easy it is to get drugs

in the country we live in the society we

live in now

so maybe it's alcohol that was a trigger

for you or maybe you are a dry sniffer

you don't require alcohol to do coke and

perhaps it started off as a social

things it does for most people but then

it begins to grow

and it begins to creep into areas of

your life

and you become a bit of a secret coat

user maybe you don't hide it or maybe

you do hide it right because i've seen


types of cocaine users i've seen the

person that

doesn't tell their partner and they come

home and

try and behave perfectly fine and then

they'll go up to their bathroom and

they'll and they'll cut up a line and

they'll do a line in the bathroom

and they'll come down and they'll watch

like eastenders and it'll just

be there all normal oh my god if they

smoke that's the worst because

of course they want to go out and smoke

more frequently then they come back and

maybe they're playing on their phone and

trying to hide it from their partner

but you know in time the partner finds

out and the partner knows

and where was the pleasure anyway where

was the enjoyment of using the coat


they're at home trying to act perfectly

normal like they haven't done it

so you've got to act like you haven't

done it even though you've done it so

you're not really getting the enjoyment

you can see i i've seen a lot of clients

like this right you can tell

or you get the people who do it on their

own they go home and they

they rack up a few lines and do a few

grams every night and then they go to

bed at three o'clock in the morning


tossed in and turned they can't sleep

and if they've got a partner who doesn't

really know they're pretending or

if the partner does know they're

pretending that they haven't done as

much as they have done

so their partner doesn't go you know

crazy on them

or i've had people who do it at work and

then they stop before they get home

or i've had people who they do it at

night and then because they didn't get

any sleep or

quality sleep they get up in the morning

and you know by the time they go to work

they're starting to do it again and i

get all types of people you know whether

you're a plaster or whether you're a


whether you work in a film studios

whether you're a celebrity with your own

your own business

there seems to be no fixed um

person there's no there's no fixed

individual that does cocaine

it seems to reach stretch right across

i've had people who are djs

and i've had people who are dormant i've

had people who are painters

i've had people who are architects you

know i've seen so many of these

people with cocaine addiction the one

fundamental thing that i have noticed

is that i have an amazing set of

strategies to not only help the person

stop cocaine but to ensure

they don't go back to using it because

everybody can stop cocaine think about

this for a minute

if you would if you're a cocaine user

and you use let's say you use like

two grams every day right you use two

two grams and we're talking four grams

not point fours not point threes full

grabs none of your

special dealers three for a hundred

right but four grams of cocaine

let's see you're one of those people and

you go on a holiday

for two weeks you know what happens

let's say you go to florida with the


to disney right with the kids

you don't even think about doing it it

doesn't even cross your mind

but the moment you get back in the

moment you land and if it's on a friday

oh you know the first call you're making

as you get out the airport

yeah yeah drop me two off will you

that's what happens

so you can see if you read between the

lines of what i'm saying to you here


you'll understand the in-depth knowledge

and experience that i have

in helping people just like you who have

an addiction to cocaine