Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

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though cocaine withdrawal may not be as

physically intense as

other drugs it does come with its own

set of challenges

withdrawal symptoms withdrawal from

certain substances such as alcohol and

benzodiazepines can involve severe

physical symptoms cocaine withdrawal

however brings mostly psychological

symptoms some of these symptoms may

include slowed activity or fatigue

slowed thinking difficulty concentrating

restlessness depression or anxiety

suicidal thoughts or action and

increased craving for cocaine cocaine

withdrawal timeline cocaine has a very

short half-life for a drug only about 90

minutes resulting in withdrawal symptoms

possibly starting soon after the last

dose withdrawal may last five to seven

days or up to 10 weeks this timeline can

be affected by length of use and amount

of use medications and treatment for


unlike some withdrawal symptoms such as

opioid withdrawal there are no

fda-approved medications that

specifically treat cocaine withdrawal

however there are medications that may

help with some withdrawal symptoms

propranolol a beta blocker or a

benzodiazepine may help with anxiety

irritability and restlessness an

antidepressant may be beneficial for

distant depression if a person has

severe withdrawal symptoms or other

significant physical or mental health

issues medical detox may be recommended

to increase safety throughout the

withdrawal process detox alone is seldom

enough to help those with a substance

use disorder maintain abstinence long

term rather detox should be followed by

effective substance use disorder