How To Quit Coffee Without Headaches | Method & Benefits

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recently I went a whole month without

any caffeine whatsoever and if you've

been following me here on - the gym you

know that wasn't very easy for me to do

so in this video I want to tell you why

I did it

the method I use to wean off of caffeine

without any withdrawal symptoms and the

pros and cons to being caffeine free


how's it going everybody I'm Ryan and

this is - the gym where we learned how

to be fit and healthy at home and if

you've been following me here on my

channel you're probably well aware that

I love my coffee I mean I've started off

several videos pouring a mug of coffee

and sipping it while I teach you guys

about Fitness but recently I read a book

that was pretty eye-opening for me it

taught me all the dangers of caffeine

and the book is right over there so I'm

gonna go grab it and this is the book

it's called caffeine blues by Steven

Chernus key now I highly recommend this

book for anyone who is interested in

learning the truth about caffeine and I

say the truth because a lot of studies

out there that have been done on

caffeine have been funded by companies

like coca-cola and Nestle and Folgers

you know big corporations that have an

interest in making caffeine sound good

for you and there are health benefits to

caffeine and Inbal beverages like coffee

for instance but really the drug

caffeine has a lot of hidden dangers

that people aren't talking about and

this book highlights that ok it goes

beneath the surface and finds the truth

about caffeine so I'm the kind of person

where I like to go against the grain I

don't like to just hear what you know

mainstream media is saying about

nutrition or fitness or anything I like

to learn you know the truth and in this

case I decide to learn about caffeine

and what I learned I think the main

takeaway from that book I highly

recommend you read it if you're

interested but the main takeaway from

the book is that caffeine doesn't give

us energy a lot of people will say oh

I'm low on energy I feel tired I need

some coffee or I need some some pop or

something but the truth is caffeine

doesn't give you energy it gives you

stress so what do I mean about the

dangers of caffeine

alright well a lot of the studies out

there had made caffeine sound pretty

innocent but in reality caffeine is

drugged or it's a poison that's produced

by plants to keep insects and small

animals from eating them but we humans

we've learned that since we're larger

than insects and small animals we can

tolerate a certain amount of caffeine

and it has an effect on us and that

effect is that it triggers our adrenal

glands two glands sitting on top of our

kidneys and our lower back to produce a

couple hormones like epinephrine and


okay these are stress hormones so

basically caffeine doesn't give you

energy like people think they say oh I'm

low on energy I need some caffeine I

need some coffee or some pop no that's

not how it works

caffeine actually gives you stress by

producing stress hormones and those

stress hormones produced by your adrenal

glands are the same hormones that would

be produced if say a tiger jumped out of

the coat closet or you almost got hit by

a bus right so although it's good to

feel alert and awake in the morning and

it's nice to enjoy a cup of coffee I

started to question like do I really

want to be doing that to my body do I

really want to be taxing my adrenals day

after day so after reading that book and

realizing that caffeine doesn't give me

energy it gives me stress actually and

learning a lot of other really like eye

opening things about caffeine I decided

to try going one month without any

caffeine whatsoever and here's the

method I used to wean off of caffeine in

case you guys want to try it - it's a

really effective method and if you use

this method exactly as I described you

won't feel any withdrawal symptoms I

didn't have any headaches I didn't have

any trouble sleeping or anything like

that so check this out I was a coffee

drinker and not really a tea or energy

drink drinker so I'm gonna show you guys

how I quit coffee and what I did is I

got myself this kind of thing this is a

French press and it's used to make

coffee and it's basically a glass

cylinder with a filter attached to the

lid so you're gonna go ahead and pull

that lid off and add one two three four

and five teaspoons of coffee grounds

then pour in hot water

your teakettle fill it up till the

recommended amount for your French press

and then once it's full you're gonna

give it a good stir with a spoon and let

it sit for a few minutes after you've

given it some time for all the flavors

to meld you just want to go ahead and

push that filter down through the coffee

to push all the grounds to the bottom

and that's how you're gonna make your

coffee when you're weaning off of

caffeine and in order to wean off I'm

gonna recommend you get something like

this this is teaching no brand herbal

coffee all right so being herbal it's

completely caffeine free meaning it's

not decaf it is naturally caffeine free

it's made with different spices like

chicory and roasted barley it's actually

quite tasty this is the Java flavor but

they also make a French roast that's

really good so you're going to buy this

and you're going to start mixing it in

with your regular coffee in the French

press so this table illustrates how in

just 11 days you can completely wean off

of caffeine remember in the example I

showed you I put 5 teaspoons of regular

coffee grounds into the French press and

there were zero teaspoons of herbal

coffee that's day one at the top row of

the table now if you look in day 2 you

reduce regular coffee by half a teaspoon

doing four and a half teaspoons total

but then you're substituting that 1/2

teaspoon with a 1/2 teaspoon of herbal

coffee and each day you're gonna remove

half a teaspoon of regular and add half

a teaspoon of herbal until you get all

the way down to day 11 where you're now

completely on herbal coffee with zero

regular coffee

trust me guys this works you have zero

withdrawal symptoms and if you do

experience any withdrawal symptoms just

pause on whatever day you're at so for

example if you're on day six where

you're at half and half right 2.5

teaspoons of regular and herbal and you

notice a headache or something then just

pause there at the half and a half until

the headaches start going away and then

keep on going to day seven day eight etc

once your withdrawal symptoms subside

okay so how about the pros and cons to

being off of caffeine alright because I

know a lot of people are quite watching

this and thing like I don't know if I

could do this so why would you want to

quit caffeine let me just explain

there are upsides and downsides to it

alright first the downsides the first

thing to know is that caffeine is an

Ergo genic 8 and that's just a fancy

term for a drug that helps you with

exercise helps you feel more alert your

heart rate is up and it kind of numbs

the discomfort of the exercise

so the first downside of being off

caffeine is that my workouts aren't

quite as good alright I still get in

good workouts trust me but this is not

the same without caffeine a second

downside to being off the caffeine is

the social factor okay when you're

avoiding caffeine entirely and then your

friends want to go out for coffee or

they're serving coffee at brunch or with

dessert at a birthday party and you're

tempted by it

everybody else is partaking but you're

declining so it's just that social

factor I mean it's not a big deal but

you kind of miss it at those times and

for a third downside to being caffeine

free I really do feel like that my brain

still isn't operating as fast as when I

was caffeinated okay I don't know if

it'll ever be the same if it just needs

more time or what that is definitely

something I've noticed and maybe I don't

know maybe one day it'll be the same but

as of right now I still don't feel a

hundred percent as sharp that's when I

was caffeinated okay now for all the

upsides to quitting caffeine and the

first number one thing that I noticed

was better sleep holy cow

night and day difference but it doesn't

happen overnight okay no pun intended

it's like my first day without any

caffeine I was just like okay I felt a

little a little groggy maybe but not so

bad but I slept wonderfully compared to

the previous nights and then each night

that I slept caffeine free it's like I

got a little more rest a little more

restful sleep and it just keeps getting

better so definitely if you're having

trouble sleeping consider quitting

caffeine because men you don't realize

it but it's hampering your sleep quality

reason number two why quitting caffeine

is a good thing

is because I noticed my skin is looking

and feeling more hydrated and the reason

for that is caffeine is a diuretic and

diuretics make you urinate more and kind


at your body of hydration so when you're

off of caffeine that's just one less

thing in your body removing the water so

you slowly start to look and feel more

hydrated and it shows in your skin

another reason why it's good to be

caffeine free is I noticed my mood is

like level throughout the day whereas

when I was on caffeine I'd wake up and

I'd feel really groggy and cranky until

I had that first cup of coffee and then

after the first cup I felt really happy

and blissful

it was almost like bipolar disorder it's

like I was really cranky and I'm really

happy and then gradually I get cranky ER

throughout the day as the caffeine got

out of my system until the next morning

when I was super cranky and needed

caffeine again so a huge upside to being

caffeine free is that you just wake up

feeling happy and good it's you're not

blissful necessarily but you are in a

good mood and it stays level like that

throughout the entire day a fourth thing

I noticed from being caffeine free is

that my anxiety is gone and the weird

thing about my anxiety from caffeine is

that it only happened in the afternoons

it turns out it was when my body was

really detoxing and getting rid of all

the caffeine from the morning that's

when I started to feel anxious and it

wasn't it's kind of hard to explain but

it's like my throat would get tight when

I was talking to audiences like if I had

big meetings at work and stuff I just

felt really really timid and anxious at

times but I don't have that problem

being off of caffeine I'm much more

comfortable going into these meetings

and talking to people so if you're

noticing that you have anxiety and

you're wondering what might be causing

it take a look at your caffeine intake

because not everyone is affected by

caffeine the same way but some people

like myself do experience anxiety when

they're withdrawing from the caffeine

everyday like if you drink it in the

morning you'll probably notice the

symptoms more in the afternoon as your

body starts detoxifying the caffeine and

one more really weird been interesting

benefit to being off of caffeine is that

I was getting cold hands and feet

especially my fingers my fingers would

always be cold no matter what when and I

didn't know it was caffeine causing it

until I read the book

caffeine blues and it mentioned that

some people but not a lot of people

experience was called vasoconstriction

it's the constriction of the blood

vessels in the extremities and caffeine

can cause that for some people and it

was happening to me because after just

about a week or so maybe week and a half

off of caffeine I noticed it was going

away and by the end of the month I felt

normal again I don't have the cold hands

and feet so if you're experiencing that

as well it could be your caffeine intake

all right I could probably keep going on

and on about the benefits to being off

of caffeine but I don't want this video

to be too long and you're probably

wondering okay so what what's your take

here are you gonna stay off of caffeine

or you're gonna go back onto it so

here's the thing I really love coffee I

love the taste and I've been drinking

the herbal teas like the herbal coffee

that I showed you earlier in this video

and I really like the taste of it I also

like the fact that it's alkaline and you

don't really realize it while you're

switching from caffeine to the herbal

coffee but it's more gentle on your

system especially your mouth and I

actually after the challenge was done

after the month was over I tried going

back to normal

regular coffee that my wife makes and I

couldn't even drink out a full cup of it

it was just too acidic it was just too I

just didn't like it so I'm back on the

herbal coffee and when I need a jolt if

I want the stress hormones from caffeine

I just add a splash of regular coffee to

my herbal coffee and I hardly even

noticed the acidity and it gives me a

little jolt I'm not sure how much

caffeine but just enough to wake me up a

little bit so I'm no longer 100%

caffeine free but I'm definitely paying

a lot more attention to my caffeine

intake and it seems like so many people

in my life including my wife who drink

caffeine don't have any of the symptoms

and side effects that I was experiencing

so if you'd be so kind let me know in

the comments below are any of you guys

experiencing weird things that you think

might be associated with your caffeine

intake and have you considered quitting

let's talk about it in the comments

below I love hearing from you guys and I

think this is a good topic to talk about

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this video all right so I'll see you in

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