I quit caffeine cold turkey. This is what happened to me...

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so the first and main reason is that I

think I almost overdosed twice recently

and it was frightening like I was gonna

use the word scary but it was like I was

actually frightened run let me get there

anyway let me let me show the scene so

ever since I started drinking coffee

probably maybe six seven years ago my

consumption has just gradually crept up

my caffeine consumption overall overall

it's just gradually crept up I wouldn't

say I have an addictive personality but

I certainly have a personality that

causes me to go to extremes in certain

aspects quite a lot of aspects really

manifest in many different ways it's

probably one of the reasons why I got in

decent shape to begin with anyway I

think despite the fact that your

tolerance increases you certainly get to

a point where your body just says

[ __ ] no like stop it now

that's enough like don't [ __ ] with me no

more and I think I got to that point so

there was two main occasions and I just

go through them quickly so the first one

I'd had a coffee in here as I do every

morning I did every one and then I went

out into town into Manchester I was with

my girlfriend it was a sunny day and she

was like oh I'm gonna get an iced coffee

and I was like [ __ ] it I'll get one as

well and you really even think about

your thought I can handle two coffees

John I mean we got iced grande iced

Americanos and when it's iced I drink

[ __ ] too fast

I just nail it like whether whatever it

is and so I'd finished mine and she'd

only got maybe like a third of the way

through his I was like near the bottom

and she was like you know what I

actually don't want this do you want it

and I was like yeah yeah [ __ ] it so I

just poured it into mine and then nailed

that as well like you know in a matter

of like a couple of minutes probably

it was probably 15 minutes later when I

was just walking down the street and all

of a sudden I just felt [ __ ] Spacey

I'm like so weird it's really hard to

describe he's not a natural it's not a

normal human experience so it's hard to

accent put words on it but I just felt

like there was something wrong with like

what I was seeing even though there was

nothing wrong it just fell

weird to look at stuff and stuff like

that and me heart started like pounding

I felt like kind of short of breath like

you know like sometimes when you're in a

steam room and you feel like your breath

isn't a proper breath even though you

know you're breathing you feel like

you're not getting it because it's like

the airs warm or something like that and

I was like [ __ ] I was like I was trying

not to alarm my girlfriend and I was

like I need to I need to sit down for a


I just found like a wall actually just

found any walks I felt like super dizzy

as well and sat then I was like I was

like it's such a horrific experience not

being able to control your heart rate I

imagine it's what it feels like to you

know OD on any or the stimulant based

substance or anything else that has

those kinds of effects and just not

being in control of like just it just

pounded and then you get a [ __ ] you

think [ __ ] what am I gonna [ __ ] faint

I'm gonna have a heart attack in my head

gonna [ __ ] explode

what's going on one and it and it passed

like it did pass it was probably just

lasted like a minute or so and but then

I felt pretty weird all day so then

after that I took me caffeine intake

down a little bit I didn't even think

about quitting and then one morning I

was in here and I was just drinking my

normal cafeteria of coffee I didn't even

have more than usual and I got two and I

was unlike my second morgue

it's a big [ __ ] morgue like and then

I just ugh all [ __ ] weird again and I

started like and I didn't know what to

do I didn't either I immediately ate a

banana and drank some water because I

was like trying like if this is caffeine

trying like soak up some coffee so

doesn't get worse or something and I

felt like I needed to like just lean

over and like rest on something but then

I couldn't stay still and I was like

[ __ ] do I go to bed but if I go to bed

what [ __ ] I'm some kind of like weird

[ __ ] and pass out and and never and it

was pretty early in the morning I was on

the verge of like knocking on Mike's

door I'm being like call help because I

am [ __ ] weird

and so I think you know logically I

would think that they are both related

to the intense [ __ ] amount of

caffeine now obvious

that second one I didn't add a lot

caffeine compared to what not people

normally drink but pretty normal by my

standards but I think maybe it just

built up because I had so much like over

the course there were three days and so

I realized this video was gonna go on

forever but it's just gonna be a long

one we're just gonna do it man we're in

for the [ __ ] horse oh sorry about

that but I just want to say everything I

want to say so that's the main reason

like for my because I I was I was like

literally in fear me and it's not that

sound one it's not a great feeling I

don't know what like I'm not trying to

be melodramatic or hyperbolic run I'm

not trying to exaggerate anything I was

just like because I [ __ ] love coffee

Ron I look I do not want to quit Kathy I

don't want to me because I love coffee

not just the caffeine like I love coffee

anyway I guess this is reason number two

is I just don't like something feeling

like it's such such a staple of a

routine I don't like feeling like

something is but it's almost like being

dependent on something and I feel like

that's just not something I want to be I

feel like as soon as I get up in the

morning typically I'm like the first

thing on my mind is coffee even before I

go to bed I'm like can't wait to get up

tomorrow so I can have my coffee and I

just don't like that feeling if I feel

like something's got a grip on me month

and I don't like that for you thinkers I

just it's not freedom month you know I

mean so there's there's that as well I

just didn't like the idea of something

being being so important to me you know

I mean it felt stupid the final one is

just I my concentration is like a

[ __ ] roller coaster me concentrations

a bit it's not really you know I mean I

want to be honest I want to be steady

man and I feel like caffeine certainly

disrupt that cuz I feel like I notice I

get my I blast my work out in the

morning and no it's one of like I might

[ __ ] you've had too much coffee now you

need to like wait before you can do any

any work again so they're the main three

reasons so that's it

first of all let's let's find out how

much caffeine I was actually drinking I


best way to do this is by weighing the

actual grammage on the ground coffee

that I used because if you measuring

cups like a corpse not really I mean

Americans do actually have corpse

because they can't fathom grams and [ __ ]

and or friends everyone but you know a

cup like I drink are that monstrous that

you make you know I mean you drown so

we'll do this anyway

I think what I'm gonna do is weigh the

cafeteria first and then take it off the

scales put the coffee in and wait again

and do the subtraction because I don't

want the bias of seeing the scale go up

to affect how much I would normally put

in I want it to be as fair as possible

so typically one of these bags of coffee

was laughing like five or six days so

alright we'll see so i'm gonna weigh

this first so cavity air on its own

326 grams right then off scale coffee

going in

boom-boom-boom hit me hit me hit me you

shake him out check the depth that's

charity needs a bit more to be honest i

probably be happy with about that amount

i went away again okay yeah what's that

forty three three to six

yeah it's forty three [ __ ] okay 43 grams

of coffee I read in I read on the

internet that the average ground coffee

is 13.5 milligrams per gram of ground

coffee and so I'm gonna do calculation

right now but just in my head I feel

like it's gonna be a scary [ __ ]

number 43 times 13.5 Jesus Christ that's

over half a gram of caffeine that's 580

milligrams of caffeine so that's a

[ __ ] horrendous wrong caffeine

obviously then I would add a kind of

monster or a kind of rain which is 150

to 200 milligrams so my total for the

day would be like pushing 701 or maybe

over 700 which is crazy I'm looking to

be a live one

caffeine is the world's most popular

psychoactive drug it's estimated that

globally we consume 2.2 billion cups of

coffee per day with Finland consuming

the most per capita caffeine has a

half-life of around 5 hours so if you

ingest 200 milligrams at 9:00 a.m.

they'll be around 100 milligrams still

in your system at 2:00 p.m. this is why

people advise against having caffeine

too late in the day

it usually takes between 15 and 45

minutes for levels to beat if you've

dosed it right you'll feel alert

energetic and able to focus if you went

too far you can experience anxiety

irritability rapid heart rate and

palpitation even nausea and diarrhea

some studies have indicated a possible

preventive effect that caffeine could

have on the development of Alzheimer's

and Parkinson's disease it's thought

that continuous excessive caffeine

consumption can increase anxiety

particularly in people sensitive to it

so much so that caffeine induced anxiety

disorder is an official term in the

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of

Mental Disorders

caffeine has been shown to improve the

performance of endurance athletes while

so still mixed evidence about its

effects on strength training the advised

upper limit of caffeine is 400

milligrams per day whilst a lethal dose

will vary depending on weight and seems

to be around 150 milligrams per kilogram

of body weight people do have different

sensitivities and have died from much

less sixteen-year-old otherwise healthy

American boy consumed a lot a mountain

Dew and then energy drink in a short

space of time and sort of fatal caffeine

induced cardiac event in 2014 a Nigerian

man that his friend that he could drink

eight cans of bullets energy drink and

later died as a result earlier this year

in 2019 a 21 year old Australian died

after accidentally put in a teaspoon of

pure caffeine in a homemade protein

shake okay is the end of day one with

absolutely no caffeine

not a [ __ ] milligram and I'm alive

which is obviously pretty evident unless

it has to be posted posthumously in

which case that's not ideal so I got up

in the morning usually I would make my

coffee and then sit through like quite a

horrendous amount of it whilst blasted

through my emails and any coaching or

any actual laptop work that I've got to

do for the day doing that without coffee

wasn't actually as bad as I thought it'd

be it was fine you don't get the same

like instant [ __ ] kick in the dick

like you know I mean it's not like that

you know we had the same wake-up

trajectory that's like usually I'm like

into the kitchen ice and then I'm a few

sips and Mike's no much

I wasn't like that it's a gradual wake

up but it's fine

gamma worth or no probs I felt perfectly

fine decided I would train early because

I figured if I was gonna get any like

negative effects of like going cold you

know caffeine then they'd probably

happen later another day

and so I forget the training session out

of the way in the morning that's really

the best chance out of having a good

session so when train

felt fine not like a great workout but

not bad value means definitely good

enough maybe about through half to 3

p.m. start developing like a doll just a

dull headache

I got progressively worse until it was

like a full-blown just decent just

decent headache not nothing crazy like

not crazy migraines and the weird decent

headache till about 7:00 half 7:00 and

then I went on this from cardiologist

cuz budget like it was the only

productive thing I was basically capable

of to be honest because I was just like

I just felt a bit grim just a bit for

him like I was kind of eating more

because I was thinking maybe this or you

know why do I feel like lethargic and

[ __ ] just make me feel more lethargic

anyway when I did some cardio that

wasn't particularly easy just did some

some sprints on the treadmill actually

when I was doing it once I got into it

it was fine but then as soon as they

really think about the headache then and

then the students are stopped and it

came back and now it's just it's not too

bad it's manageable lightboard just a

bit of a headache nothing major do feel

tired I feel like I definitely get to

bed earlier tonight but while do is I'll

report back on my how I slept tomorrow I

don't know how often I'm going to check

in on these check ins just probably

whenever there's something relevant

because I don't know long do this for

really so I say I'll walk back and I'll


but what some people were doing check-in

number two so I was gonna try and be

brief but this video is just gonna be

long so I'm just gonna accept that

because [ __ ] worth saying it's worth

saying much so anyway let me roll back a

bit so on day let's call it day zero

when I decided to quit caffeine I had

like a cop it off in the morning Morgan

a half a big [ __ ] Morgan half and

then not in for the rest of the day now

I'm not saying this is related to the

whole caffeine on caffeine thing it's

just an observation it's correlation not

necessarily causation but let's let's

get through anyway that night after only

like less caffeine than usual not long I

had just some strange dreams on not that

not that strange actually what it was I

woke up in the night and then when I was

trying to get back to sleep I was like

had that kind of like getting back to

sleep anxiety you know when you're like

worried that you're not gonna be able to

get back to sleep right but then I got

back to sleep and dreamt that I couldn't

get to sleep

and then I woke up again right and then

again when I fell asleep again got back

into the same dream or the same

situation I was dreaming that couldn't

get back to sleep

I'm sure this happened like maybe three

times and I never before if I end up

back in the same dream after waking up

and going back to sleep so then

yesterday so yesterday was the first

full day with no caffeine this was today

is the second full day so yesterday

evening shortly after last check-in I

went to sleep a slightly harrowing dream

it was about basically I've murdered

someone by throwing a big rock on the

head I was in another country and then I

had to like figure out a way to get back

home from this was a country without

getting caught by the police and

and all this fear about going to jail in

another country mad [ __ ] right woke up

in the middle of the night I was like

[ __ ] phew

sweet I'm not I'm not a murderer not

[ __ ] criminal not going to jail it's

all good mate I was relieved you only

wake up from a bad dream and you

actually relieved

I felt that relief right fell back

asleep backing the [ __ ] dream back

into it

and again it was the same situation how

I was like back in that country and

that's like I was wanted for murder so I

was trying to avoid it was this this

[ __ ] overhanging sense of doom I

think about like nightmarish and scary


isn't that like it's necessarily scary

event it's like an overhanging Center


anyway woke up again fell asleep again

back into it I was on a [ __ ]

emotional roller coaster last night

because I was waking up out of this

dream experience enormous relief and

then going and then falling asleep you

get home back into the dream and I'm

back in [ __ ] nightmare Wilma

who's stressful times mate when i first

worth eventually they want to finally

won't quote but like might get old times

but half seven i was like i am i feel

like a weight is lifted off my shoulders

anyway that's a dream thing i don't know

if it's related to the caffeine or not

it's just that's never happened to me

before and it's it's happening now so

see how it goes today [ __ ] weird it

was a very weird day when I feel very

headache wise got a bit of a headache

coming on a bit earlier today it was

like 10:30 so I am obviously doll head

ain't nothing too bad bit lethargy

didn't feel great

nothing crazy like biteth bit of a haze

be like I can't really concentrate that

that well I'm we're poor nothing too bad

like bought what was weird

which seems to have subsided now is like

my vision so it seems like very like

focal like why focus on seems right like

my eyes are focusing on not too much and

then around it it's not that I don't

have the same

peripheral vision as usual it's that

it's like it's we it's like I'm focusing

on sort of too much Oh

you ever try and like read you try and

let this small text and you try and you

try to hotspot and then you feel weird

because you focusing too hard that's

what I feel like when I just like look

at something for like little bit ago I

don't know it's just weird but like I

feel very like almost like dizzy in a

way like dizzy like you know how your

equilibrium in your vision and

everything it's all kind of interlinked

isn't it yeah soglin's

something Crazy's goin on in your head

and funnily enough I went to the gym it

kind of seems to subside as well as my

headache like after I just lived it like

as normal I think kind of went and I'm

now just feel normal again feel fine

again like not as if I haven't quit

caffeine so there was just the

observations of the day it's critter is


it was weird cuz just didn't feel like

in a normal state like Jame it's very

weird it was almost like how I would

feel if I had way too much caffeine yeah

this is zero in me anyway that's it that

they are sales and I go hopefully I'm

not [ __ ] lost in a world of harrowing

adventures Perry's continued on days

three and four but those days were

otherwise quite uneventful

on day five I had to get up about 4:00

a.m. to catch an early flight for a

family holiday and Airport coffee is

almost a tradition for me so in terms of

actually resisting this was by far the

most difficult test when I was away I

would make my girlfriend coffee every

morning and that wasn't actually as

torturous as it seems I think I was

starting to take pride in the abstinence

a bit by this point don't get me wrong

there were times when I really wanted a

coffee or cokes here or something like

that after a long day in the stone book

I knew that by this point I was pretty

much over the hardest part

I'm day seven I took a little bit of a

funny turn and experienced sort of that

weird vision dizziness that I described

on day two as well as another dull


I kept notes this whole time and my

notes for day eight reported a slight

headache which is actually the last

recorded mention of anything negative

that was over two weeks ago now

for day9 i wrote the following trained

and felt quite good definitely feeling

more steady energy levels throughout the

day rather than peaks and troughs I had

a dream that I drank a monster without

thinking about it and started going

weird off the caffeine think I'm a bit

scared of caffeine now feel cautious

about restarting and for day 10 didn't

think I'd get this far only managed it

because I was scared

it's day 20 something I feel [ __ ]


I'm gonna tell you about it there's a

lot for me to go through here I want to

try and keep things as concise and clear

as possible so I'm gonna timestamp

everything put that in the description

so that you can skip around to what

whichever part you are most interested

in if you don't want to watch it also

let me just say between day I think day

10 was the most recent entry and now all

of the negative side effects of quitting

caffeine subsided became nil and the

positive effects became much more

pronounced and I was much more able to

feel and appreciate them so I'm gonna go

section by section okay sleep let's

start with that so first thing to know

is that I never slept terribly I would

always get not a lot of sleep but not a

terrible amount I would get six maybe

six and a half occasionally seven hours

and that would be okay for me I could

definitely get through life on that

however I would often wake up and feel

like I'm awake before I'm ready to be

awake you know I mean like I would feel

like my brain has woken up but my body

isn't ready for it like particularly

just with heavy eyes and that feel like

I should have slept for another hour or

two but was obviously unable to get back

to sleep when I tried so it's like I was

waking up earlier just just not ready to

wake up when I actually did now the

first maybe five days maybe a little bit

longer without caffeine I slept for

longer I would wasn't uncommon with

needs to get eight plus hours which is

obviously [ __ ] crazy nobody in this

day and age actually gets eight hours of

sleep a night so I was like [ __ ] this is

sick man now after about the first week

I kind of went back to my normal

sleeping duration now it

by some measure I don't know why but it

has shifted earlier a little bit but

it's still like and maybe get a little

bit longer now maybe six and a half to

seven hours on average but when I wake

up I definitely feel a lot more ready to

get up like I wake up and often one of

my first thoughts is like that was a

nice sleep you know you've had a sick

sleep and you just wake up and you feel

like just like [ __ ] just your heart

feels cozy that's how it feels man and

there so I definitely feel like although

I'm only getting the same amount of

sleep which is kind of weird not what I

would would have expected

I definitely feel more rested from that

same sleep so [ __ ] knows what it's great

okay dreams so I could have rubs the tie

this in with sleep but I think it

deserves a segment on its own so I

described earlier in the video how I had

those couple of dreams around about the

time actually stopped stopped drinking

caffeine where I would wake up and when

I went back to sleep I would get back

into the same dream now obviously I

thought that was interesting as [ __ ] now

it hasn't actually happened to me since


bought what has happened let me give you

a bit of context so previously

throughout the last you know however

many years I can remember I would

probably actually remember very few

dreams I don't know that much about

sleep but I think I'm right in saying

that you actually dream every night

pretty much and it's just that you

actually don't remember your dream most

nights now I used to remember a dream

maybe once a month if that even so much

so that when actually had a dream I

would mention it's someone be like

alright this weird dream last night you

know whatever happened now I dream every

night twice a night no [ __ ] and I like

what I mean is I remember it so I

usually wake up early I was the morning

about maybe half 3 4 a.m. to go to the

toilet and I'm back to sleep like that

but upon waking I remember the dream

that I've just had and then I go back to


and then I wake up at my normal time

like six of six whatever and I wait and

I wake up and remember immediately that

dream as well and it's so weird for me

like now to be dreaming every single

night and remembering it it's just I

mean I don't know I don't know if that

is related at all it seems a strange

thing I don't really know what possible

mechanism could bring that about it

could be completely coincidental but I

would just say that the timing that

would be quite you know quite a

coincidence so maybe if someone knows

about sleep or dreams or whatever then

maybe someone can shed some light on

that for me so I just thought that was

an interesting kind of weird thing okay

energy levels so I've definitely seen a

marked improvement actually maybe that's

unfair to say it's hard for me to say

that I have more energy than I did when

I was drinking caffeine it's definitely

more steady I definitely now whereas I

used to be like up and down peaks and

drops now I'm just steady like it takes

me a little bit longer to wake up and I

get tired a little bit earlier but

anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. it's

pretty much the same I'm pretty much

like I can train any time of the day I

wanted to feel fine it's not like you've

got a got a kind of accommodate for what

my energy is gonna be like and actually

I don't you think about manage levels

anymore whereas I used to be quite you

know up and down and for me to say that

I have more energy would be I don't

think that's fair to say because I would

have to somehow average out all the

peaks and troughs that I went through

when I was drinking caffeine but now I

certainly feel like it's more sustained

level even and I enjoy I definitely

enjoy it I definitely prefer it this way

much more than previously I also think

that my workouts are seems to sustain

energy throughout my workouts a little

more whereas I used to kind of do

exercise one sick exercise too sick

exercise three start dropping off and

[ __ ]

cliff now I feel like maybe it's all in

my head book you know I don't know yeah

I feel like I sustained energy

throughout the workout a lot better and

so I feel like the latter part of my

workout I just get more out of that

okay ability to focus so I don't want

this to sound like an advert for

quitting caffeine I don't give a [ __ ] if

you quit caffeine I'm not really asked I

just want to give you my my honest kind

of accurate experience and yeah I'm

trying not to be I haven't got an ax to

grind tonight I mean or a dog in the

fight or whatever the [ __ ] that the

phrase is that applies here so that

being said I feel like my focus my

ability to concentrate on one task is

far better than it was previously so I

would typically be doing something on my

laptop some clap some kind of work on my

laptop and after maybe an hour and a

half or two hours sometimes I just like

randomly just stand up out of my seat

and walk over to the kitchen and start

looking around and I'd be in the kitchen

before I realized what I'm doing and

it's literally I've just encountered a

little bit of like difficulty and

something that I'm doing I'm like get

away and I just can't hack the

concentration of it and so I would split

my day up into like smaller chunks of

like do this with two hours do that for

two hours go the gym do this whatever

and now I feel like I can definitely see

things through a lot better and I have

less of a tendency to just veer away

from the actual task in hand now I'm not

saying that I can sit there and just do

eight hours at my desk cannot [ __ ] do


I just don't think humans are supposed

to do that and it very well evolved or

adapted or created whatever you believe

to do that but I can 100% see

improvements and it's it's definitely

one of the best kind of effects of this

whole non caffeine thing for me because

in the back of my mind I always had this

kind of suspicion a bit of a feeling

that didn't really want to I didn't

really want to acknowledge it because I


then it wouldn't make me have to quit

caffeine but I always had this feeling

that maybe caffeine is [ __ ] my focus

of a bit and your ability to focus

surely that is one of the main factors

in your ability to just do [ __ ] in life

generally and I honestly had this kind

of creeping sense that maybe my lack of

ability to focus was somewhat holding me

back in life in general and that's a bit

dramatic maybe but I think it's I think

it's fair so yeah that's the just

[ __ ] great I'm happy about it I feel

way more productive I generally feel

like a just higher functioning person

now than I thought I was previously just

generally feel alright is anything left

okay appetite this is probably the only

downside of the whole thing is like my

appetite is definitely using work like

definitely and certainly understand it's

not really fair because this isn't a

scientific investigation it's just one

person's anecdotal experience but I feel

like my appetite has increased now I

think initially that was because I was

just after some kind of stimulation I

just wanted in my hand instead of a

coffee or something - so the taste

something to feel something we have a

real addiction to have been something in

our [ __ ] hands and that's a whole

other video like but you know I think at

first I was trying to replace coffee or

the carbonated drinks or energy drinks

or whatever with with food but even

later when I got some teas and got some

[ __ ] ginger tea me and like you know

whatever I still feel like they went

some way towards replacing the coffee

but as an appetite suppressant I think

things that contain caffeine or

carbonated drinks ideally carbonated

drinks that contain caffeine are king

and I just don't think you can really

replace them with like caffeine free

teas and stuff so I probably have been

eating a little bit more so so that's

that okay so my conclusions well what to

say you know when I started this

didn't really although I didn't put a

timeframe on it I didn't do it because

it was like I want to do a seven-day

challenge or a 10 day challenge or 30

day challenge I didn't really view it

like that I obviously went through your

motives earlier in the video but I did

think that I would spend the majority of

the time in a state of temptation and a

state of trying to resist and I thought

that once I'd done enough you know gone

long enough - I don't know prove it to

you or prove it to myself or prove it to

somebody or make a [ __ ] youtube video

out of it I don't know how long I

intended to I thought that once that was

over and I was like okay that's enough

that I would just go back to drinking

coffee or caffeine but just a much more

responsible level now I don't think I'm

gonna do that like I could have a coffee

now right you know does this video was

done right you know I mean and my

personal experiments pretty much done

like not gonna get I could have a coffee

now nothing would you know but I haven't

like you know I mean I just don't I

can't see myself ever going back to

coffee or caffeinated drinks being a

regular part of my routine like I don't

think I'll be drinking caffeine on daily

basis I'll definitely not be staying

completely caffeine free because I

[ __ ] love coffee and if I'm in Italy

I'm really drinking espresso and maybe

not even in Italy you know I want to be

drinking monsters I want everything in

everything that contains caffeine but

definitely much more infrequently and

honestly not everyday at all so there's

that I don't really know obviously I'll

keep people updated in future videos

what my what my intake is like hopefully

it doesn't just gradually creep back up

to excessive levels but yeah I don't

know one thing struck me I realized that

you know everyone has coffee in the

morning right that's that's the the peak

time when people drink caffeine so it's

like wake up in the morning get your

coffee to help you wake up and I'm

thinking you've just had a sleep right

sleep is like the autumn

recuperation you know recovery and

surely right after asleep should be when

you have most energy you feel most

well-rested you feel the most ready to

take on your [ __ ] day

so if caffeine is intended to wake you

up surely that's not when you should be

having it really and I think what it is

is people would wake up anyway from my

experience you wake up anyway and you

get to the same point but you just have

to be a bit more patient about it you

can't expect to [ __ ] backflip out of

bed and straight into the office [ __ ]

finding out dynamic solutions to a

multiple okay you know whatever or

straight into training or or whatever it

is you have to have the patience to wake

up like a human and and not just fists

yourself into the day and I think that

that's just so much for me it's just

what I enjoy I just find that that is

much more it's just much better for me

and and that and one thing that I want

to get I want to make clear here is I am

not in any way saying that no caffeine

is better than caffeine I'm not saying

that one plane is no caffeine is better

than abusing caffeine which is what I

was doing personally so if you have a

normal relationship with coffee you have

your coffee in there whatever you don't

get any bad effects you sleep fine


crack on man I don't give like you know

it's cool if you drink a lot of caffeine

I would say you may even be experiencing

sort of the negative effects without

immediately linking it to your caffeine

consumption and as an experiment I would

say try a few weeks without it just just

not now don't do what I did and go cold

turkey because that's like headaches

everyone can deal with headaches run

it's fine that second day was weird me

and I would not wish on people it was

just it was just I felt like my head was

broken man I felt my like my brain was

just not functioning correctly and it's

you still probably don't underst

what I'm trying to say because I've just

not explained it very well because it

just are very hard to explain but just

don't do that don't go cold turkey

why would suggest is maybe cut your

intake down by like half for a week and

then half again the week layer and then

maybe come off or or almost off and

eventually go caffeine-free just for a

few weeks just try it out if you think

it's [ __ ] you can always get back and

drink caffeine again but I think that's

all I've got to say I know this video

was like super long but I just wanted to

some things take longer than eleven

minutes ma'am you know I mean you just

got a dewy afternoon so I hope you

enjoyed it anyway cheers for you know

subscribe to our channel like my [ __ ] or

like gonna all that youtuber catchphrase

stuff see you later